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How Many Emails You Can Send from Windows Live Hotmail per Day


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They say you can reach everybody in the world through a short chain of contacts. That's a lot of people to email.

But even if you don't want to mail the whole world, it's good to know there is a limit to the number of messages you can send from Windows Live Hotmail per day. This is to prevent abuse (like spamming) of the service.

How Many Emails You Can Send from Hotmail per Day

The Hotmail limit for outgoing email messages is

  • 300 (three hundred) messages per day.

Note that the limit is lower for new accounts and when Windows Live Hotmail has spotted what it deems suspicious activity; a large and sudden increase in outgoing messages may indicate your account has been taken over, for example.

How Many To, Cc and Bcc Recipients Windows Live Hotmail Allows Per Message

You can add

  • up to 100 (one hundred) recipients per message

in Windows Live Hotmail.

Again, suspicious activity can lead to a temporarily lower limit (as low as 10 (ten) recipients).

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