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How to Report a Phishing Email in Outlook.com


A phishing scam tries to fool you into believing it is from a reputable company who need some personal details — your account number, user name, PIN code or password, for instance. You are not fooled, though, and now want to make sure the same email cannot deceive others either?

In Outlook.com and Windows Live Hotmail, you can report phishing emails and have the Outlook.com (or Windows Live Hotmail) team take action to protect you and other users from them.

Report a Phishing Email in Outlook.com or Windows Live Hotmail

To report to Outlook.com or Windows Live Hotmail a message that tries to trick its users into revealing personal details, user names and passwords, financial or other sensitive information:

  • Open the phishing email you want to report.
  • Click the down arrow next to Junk in the Outlook.com toolbar.
    • In Windows Live Hotmail, click Mark as in the toolbar.
  • Select Phishing scam from the menu that comes up.

You can also report spam that is not phishing.

(Updated November 2012)

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