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How to Check the Windows Live Hotmail Status for Issues


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Who cares about yesterday? Who cares about tomorrow, or about 5 minutes ago?

It is now that Windows Live Hotmail is not working.

Maybe, if Microsoft is aware of the problem and laboring on a solution, Windows Live Hotmail will be up again soon. Maybe, if all others get to their Windows Live Hotmail accounts fine, the problem is not at the server end but somewhere in between.

Fortunately, finding out whether the Windows Live Hotmail team knows about any current issues with the service is easy. Not only will you learn about the problem if there is one, you'll also find out when you can expect your email to return to full service.

Check the Windows Live Hotmail Status for Issues

To find out about known issues with the Windows Live Hotmail email service:

If you have encountered an issue not listed, you can report the problem to the Windows Live Hotmail team, of course.

(Updated April 2012)

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