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How to Change the Default Font in Windows Live Hotmail


Do you routinely change the font when you start composing an email in Windows Live Hotmail? You may have some adapting to do if you take up Windows Live Hotmail on its offer to make the changes permanent.

With the default font face, size, color and formatting set to your favorite picks, you'll spend less time on the layout for each message — but you can still format each message, paragraph and letter as you like, of course.

Change the Default Font in Windows Live Hotmail

To customize the default font for writing messages in Windows Live Hotmail:

  • Select Options | More options… in Windows Live Hotmail.
  • Follow the Message font and signature link under Writing email.
  • Use the toolbar to pick the desired font face, formatting, size and color under Message font.
  • Click Save.

(Updated July 2011)

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