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MyEmail.com - Web Access to POP and IMAP Email Service

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Heinz Tschabitscher

The Bottom Line

MyEmail.com is a very simple, secure and straight forward way to access your POP or IMAP account on the road with just a web browser and connection. Unfortunately, MyEmail.com does not access IMAP accounts they way they are meant to be accessed and both spam filtering and message editing show room for improvement.


  • MyEmail.com lets you access POP and IMAP accounts from anywhere, offering 1 GB of online space
  • Disabling remote images and other content, MyEmail.com is secure and privacy-conscious
  • MyEmail.com guesses your account details, making it easy to log on to your email account


  • MyEmail.com does not offer any sophisticated spam filtering itself
  • The message editor used by MyEmail.com could be more advanced
  • MyEmail.com does not access IMAP accounts seamlessly


  • MyEmail.com lets you access multiple POP and IMAP accounts with just a web browser.
  • You can create folders and store mail in MyEmail.com's 1 GB online storage space.
  • MyEmail.com automatically disables remote images in messages to protect your privacy.
  • You can compose replies and new messages right from MyEmail.com.
  • MyEmail.com includes a simple address book.
  • Filers can move messages to folders or forward them automatically.
  • MyEmail.com lets you set up a black list of senders whose mail will be rejected.

Guide Review - MyEmail.com - Web Access to POP and IMAP Email Service

An IMAP account is a wonderful thing to have — you can access it from any computer, and any changes you make will be reflected everywhere automatically. Of course, you still need an IMAP-enabled email program,, which only too often you will find missing. POP email accounts are even worse if you try to read mail from anywhere but your desktop. Enter MyEmail.com.

MyEmail.com is an email client that is always with you, accessible with just a web browser itself. Hand it your email address and password and MyEmail.com shows you any new emails, allows you to compose replies and includes a simple address book. You can even move mail to folders and store it for later access in the 1 GB of space offered by MyEmail.com.

While the message editor in MyEmail.com is a bit simple and offers little comfort and power, reading mail in MyEmail.com is a secure affair as MyEmail.com automatically disables remote images and content that could compromise security. Unfortunately, you cannot opt in to seeing the images in individual images, and MyEmail.com could use some spam filtering abilities.

My biggest gripe with MyEmail.com is the way it handles IMAP accounts, however: it treats them as POP accounts, downloading any new messages from the Inbox, instead of offering an interface to all the messages and folders stored on the server. It's really a pity MyEmail.com misses this chance of full email access on the road.

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Browser-Dependent, Member lupokoch

Try using the Opera browser to get your email. That's what I did, after Safari, Firefox, & SeaMonkey kept failing (on Mac OS). Then set up POP mail through GMX.com but verify your email address through Opera. This way, you will always have access to MyEmail.com through POP via GMX, and you won't have to re-verify it ever again (unless you change a POP setting, which isn't advised). Use the default GMX settings for setting up the POP account.

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