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42 Favorite Valentine's Day E-Card Sites


Love, is it elusive? Shallow and exclusive? Or natural, easy and actual? I know you know the latter, and I have a feeling you want to share and multiply that easy, actual and natural love. Share it with a Valentine's Day card, for example, sent conveniently and creatively by email.

Here are some of my favorite sites to compose and send Valentines. Remember you can also send, for free, some Valentine's Day cards from this site, complete with short poems or lovable quotations:

1. Ojolie - Valentine's Day E-Cards

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Of the many, many ways to express loving feelings, the Japanese red crowned cranes' dance and the graceful movements of trumpeter swans are among the most beautiful. Of the many, many ways to send Valentine's Day greetings via email, Ojolie cards (animating said cranes and swans, plus classy dog kisses, cat romance and more) are among the most lovely.

2. Americangreetings.com - Valentine's Day E-Cards

Send one of the great Valentine's Day cards from Americangreetings.com as a paying member, and love is almost guaranteed (almost!).

3. Jacquie Lawson - Valentine's Day E-Cards

Send special Valentine's Day greetings with Chudleigh, the chocolate Labrador, and friends or fantastic compositions of flowers and music.

4. Leanin' Tree - Valentine's Day E-Cards

You can lean on the tree for wonderful and lovely Valentine's Day greeting cards.

5. Katie's Cards - Valentine's Day E-Cards

Painted and animated with admirable skill and ardor, Katie's Valentine's day greetings spread love, friendship, passion and romance in so charming a manner.

6. West Virginia University Libraries: Vintage Valentines - Valentine's Day E-Cards

Send vintage Valentines most ornate and gorgeous from West Virginia University Libraries' collection.

7. Jan Brett - Valentine's Day E-Cards

From illustrator Jan Brett's virtuoso pen straight to your valentine's beloved heart: crafty Valentine's Day e-cards.

8. VerveCards - Valentine's Day E-Cards

Psychedelic loving-goodness! Deliver fantastic emotion explosions with the colorful, graceful and fun VerveCards Valentines. They're self-contained, too, and deliver all the verve without animations.

9. FabulousFoods.com - Valentine's Day E-Cards

Hearts, hearts, and hearts. Hearts in all shapes and sizes but predominantly one color — red — appear across the truly lovely vintage Valentine's Day cards you can send from FabulousFoods.com.

10. B MINE - Valentine's Day E-Cards

B MINE rewards your waiting for its interface to scroll with brilliant and beautiful handmade Valentine's Day e-cards.

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