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Valentine's Day Greeting Cards

Every time is a good time for love, but February 14 still is something special. Deliver the most lovely and sweet Valentine's Day greetings with email greeting cards that are as easy to pick up and answer as they are to send.
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Favorite Valentine's Day E-Card Sites
Love, is it elusive? Shallow and exclusive? Or natural, easy and actual? I know you know the latter, and I have a feeling you want to share and multiply that easy, actual and natural love. Share it with a Valentine's Day card, for example, sent conveniently and creatively by email.

Valentine's Day Dance - Free Valentine's Day E-Card
I just want to dance with you this Valentine's Day.

Peony Valentine's Day - Free Valentine's Day E-Card
Ask with a lovely peony: "Wilt thou be my Valentine?".

Tatty Teddy Valentine's Day - Free Valentine's Day E-Card
The tatty teddy bear delivers lovely Valentine's Day greetings with a rose.

Big Valentine's Day Heart - Free Valentine's Day E-Card
If pop art means images that jump right out of your email into the recipient's heart, then this great big Valentine's Day card is the poppest of art.

Secret Admirer - Free Valentine's Day E-Card
Whether you are the secret admirer or want to encourage somebody who you think and hope is secretly admiring you (yes, the difference is obscure), here's the perfect e-card. Naturally, it's also ideal for Valentine's Day.

Doily Valentine Heart - Free Valentine's Day E-Card
Every word is too much, every thought dissociating. Start love letter mailing. Stop thinking.

Valentine's Day Heart Sweets - Free Valentine's Day E-Card
Heart-shaped sweets for the sweetest hearts this Valentine's Day.

Pink Roses Valentine - Free Valentine's Day E-Card
Big feelings and big Valentine's Day greetings deserve a big, pink heart.

Valentine Fae - Free Valentine's Day E-Card
Let a red fairy deliver lovely Valentine's Day greetings.

Valentine Hearts - Free Valentine's Day E-Card
Send lots of hearts and lots of love for Valentine's Day.

Valentine's Day Basket Angel - Free Valentine's Day E-Card
It's an angelic face that peeps out of a Valentine's Day basket full of roses, wishing you a "Happy Valentine!"

Valentine Card - Free Valentine's Day E-Card
Send a lovely Valentine card this Valentine's Day.

Forever Lovers - Free Valentine's Day E-Card
While this lovely letter is sent in seconds, love's dimension is eternity.

Valentine's Day Message - Free Valentine's Day E-Card
Love is the message!

Singing Hearts - Free Valentine's Day E-Card
Send an e-card that overflows with hearts, and notes, and love.

You 'n Me - Free Valentine's Day E-Card
"You + Me" written on the wall, and in your email.

Friendly Cupids - Free Valentine's Day E-Card
The cupids are friendly, and you should be too — especially this Valentine's Day and send some lovely emails using lovely stationery.

Happy Valentine's Day - Free Valentine's Day E-Card
For Valentine's Day you need a big heart, and you can send one with this stationery.

Valentine's Day Heart- Free Valentine's Day E-Card
With love in the heart, and the heart in the hand, how can it but be a very happy Valentine's Day?

Valentine's Day Kitten - Free Valentine's Day E-card
With love, the kitten delivers your Valentine's Day e-card.

Be Mine Valentine - Free Valentine's Day E-card
Be mine this Valentine's Day. I'm yours.

1001 Postcards - Love and Valentine's Day
Among the metaphorical 1001 postcards at 1001 Postcards, there are not only very real lovely ones, but also funny and romantic ones. Heck, there are even Valentine's Day cards for pets.

123Greetings.com - Valentine's Day
123Greetings.com helps you say the three magic words, or anything else you want to say for Valentine's Day (provided it's something nice, of course).

Amazon.com Valentine's Day e-Cards
Special Valentine's Day cards for him and for her, and for anything in between; and left to it; and right. Amazon.com not only lets you send these cards for free, you can also attach a gift certificate for your Valentine.

Americangreetings.com Valentine's Day
Send one of the great Valentine's Day cards from Americangreetings.com as a paying member, and love is almost guaranteed (almost!).

Awkward Valentines
They are not awkward. These Awkward Valentines say what's awkward for you to say — bravely via email.

B MINE rewards your waiting for its interface to scroll with brilliant and beautiful handmade Valentine's Day e-cards.

The Bad Girl's Valentines
A bad girl is an uncensored human — nothing scary. She tells you when she wants you, well, bad, maybe with a Bad Girl's email Valentine.

BirthdayAlarm.com Valentine's Day eCards
Be it cuteness, joviality or sentimental feelings, BirthdayAlarm.com has the right Valentine's Day card for you. (Some of them are interactive.)

BlackDog's Valentine's Day Post Office
Pick from fabulous, luxurious and sumptuous old Valentines at BlackDog's Post Office for your sweetest electronic greetings.

BlueMountain.com - Valentine's Day eCards
From hot, hot lust to cool fish love, Bluemountain.com has the right greeting card for every Valentine, and for every paying member. I like the Gerbera Daisy in particular.

carlsenCards Valentine's Day eCards
Cats and mice and bathtubs and Swedish nuns and sponges and lots of kisses: share Valentine's Day greetings from carlsenCards.

CowrieCards Valentine's Day and Black Love Day Greeting Cards
Be redy for love, send a Valentine's Day or Black Love Day card from CowrieCards, and then come black for more.

E-Cards.com Valentine's Day E-Cards
Send simple and charming electronic Valentines from the original E-Cards.com.

FabulousFoods.com Valentine's Day Greeting Cards
Hearts, hearts, and hearts. Hearts in all shapes and sizes but predominantly one color — red — appear across the truly lovely vintage Valentine's Day cards you can send from FabulousFoods.com.

Fisher-Price Valentine's Day Ecards
Sweet and lovely, Fisher-Price e-cards spread playful Valentine's Day glee.

Though best enjoyed in free nature, flowers are also wonderful depicted in pictures — and creatively arranged in a self-made Valentine's Day Card full of flowers.

Free Web Cards Valentine's Day
Send a lovely vintage Valentine's Day card, and attach a cute poem, too.

FunUtilities.com Valentine's Day eCards
It is no fit and proper Valentine's Day card that does not border on kitsch. FunUtilities.com manages to stay on the right side with its many classy images.

GreetingSpring Valentine Ecards
Love's many dimensions are condensed to three at GreetingSpring; three dimensions and some lovely animation, of course.

GroupCard Valentine E-Cards
Simple, stylish and enticing, GroupCard's wonderful Valentine's Day greetings know to please and spread love.

Hallmark Valentine's Day eCards
With many classic, cute and romantic cards, Hallmark can be a quality source of Valentine's Day love spread by email.

Hipster Cards Valentine's Day Ecards
Valentine's Day is Hipster Cards's forte. Countless lovely, funny, retro, cute, sarcastic, daring, classic and wonderful cards await you and, by extension, your valentine.

Jacquie Lawson Valentine E-Cards
Send special Valentine's Day greetings with Chudleigh, the chocolate Labrador, and friends or fantastic compositions of flowers and music.

Jan Brett Postcard Valentines
From illustrator Jan Brett's virtuoso pen straight to your valentine's beloved heart: crafty Valentine's Day e-cards.

JibJab Valentine's Day eCards
JibJab is where the fun is — and the love, too, if you put it in your JibJab card. Of course, you can also add your (or anybody else's) image to the rich JibJab greetings made with impressive attention to detail and care.

Katie's Cards Valentine's Day E Cards
Painted and animated with admirable skill and ardor, Katie's Valentine's day greetings spread love, friendship, passion and romance in so charming a manner.

Lovingyou.com Valentine's Day eCards
Lovingyou.com has many different Valentine's Day images, and there are real gems among them. You can combine any image with a letterhead and background, and attach a stamp before it goes off to your Valentine.

MyFunCards Valentine's Day eCards
Fun and love convene to form entertaining and enchanting Valentine's Day cards at MyFunCards.

Ojolie Valentine's Day E-Cards
Of the many, many ways to express loving feelings, the Japanese red crowned cranes' dance and the graceful movements of trumpeter swans are among the most beautiful. Of the many, many ways to send Valentine's Day greetings via email, Ojolie cards (animating said cranes and swans, plus classy dog kisses, cat romance and more) are among the most lovely.

Plaxo Valentine's Day eCards
From hearts to chocolate to roses: there's a Plaxo card for every valentine from any valentine this Valentine's Day.

PopCard.me Love Greeting Cards
With simple images of affection and your words all delivered in style and simplicity, PopCard.me's love greeting cards make great Valentine's Day e-cards.

Tatty Teddy Valentine's Day E-Cards
Tatty Teddy is not quite as charming as you — but still very very very endearing; perfect for lovable Valentine's Day greetings.

USAGreetings Valentine's Day Greeting Cards
Overlooking, of course, the "Anti-Val Day" category, we find many an animated Valentine at USAGreetings — or, of course, a comforting card for those who do not enjoy Valentine's Day so much.

Valentine's Day at Virtual Chocolate
As much as I like chocolate, I have to admit: the virtual chocolate doesn't look so tasty. But there is something to that chocolate strawberry...

Valentine's Day | Vladstudio.com E-cards
Digital art in love: gorgeous and heart-warming Valentine's Day cards (and desktop backgrounds, too).

Valentine's Day Greetings from atmgreetings.com
Many a flower and kiss and chocolate can be sent, plain or animated, from atmgreetings.com.

Valentine's Day Leanin' Tree E-Cards
You can lean on the tree for wonderful and lovely Valentine's Day greeting cards.

Valentine's Day PerfectGreetings
Live from PerfectGreetings's club: greeting cards and poems of love, Hindi love songs, as well as Japanese and, yes, French kis... greetings.

Valentine's Day Regards.com
Most of the Valentine's Day cards at Regards.com appear to be a bit nervous, but... I'm nervous, too.

Valentines Day Cards from Care2
Many, many great Valentine's Day cards that let you show that you have a green heart, too: Care2 donate part of their revenue to environmental organizations.

VerveCards Valentine's Day Greetings
Psychedelic loving-goodness! Deliver fantastic emotion explosions with the colorful, graceful and fun VerveCards Valentines. They're self-contained, too, and deliver all the verve without animations.

Vintage Valentine's Day Postcards
Choose from a sheer endless supply of lovely and gorgeous vintage Valentines at CardCow.com.

West Virginia University Libraries: Vintage Valentines
Send vintage Valentines most ornate and gorgeous from West Virginia University Libraries' collection.

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