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How to Organize Messages with Tags in The Bat!


Filing and finding emails is often easy enough. In The Bat!, virtual folders let you group messages by criteria, too.

What, though, if the messages have just about nothing in common — except that you frequently refer to them as a group. You could copy the emails to a special folder. This will create essentially superfluous copies, but make sure you don't move instead of copying or you'll lose a message completely if yiu get rid of the folder when you no longer need it. The Bat!'s color groups are pretty and useful, at the same time, but you can always only apply one to an email.

How much more simple and elegant would it be to create tags on the fly, tack any number to a message and set up folders for tags or just see them clearly in the message list? Let's find out.

Organize Messages with Tags in The Bat!

To apply a tag to a message (or group of messages) in The Bat!:

  • Make sure all messages you want to tag are highlighted in the message list.
  • Press Ctrl-Shift-T (think tag).
    • Alternatively, click on the selection with the right mouse button and select Tags | More Tags… from the menu that comes up.
  • Click the desired tag under Available tags:
    • Click an underlined tag to add it.
    • Click a tag that is stricken through to remove it.
  • To add a new tag:
    • Type the desired name for the tag under Tag:.
    • Click Add.
  • Click OK.

To add or remove a tag quickly:

  • Highlight all messages whose tags you want to edit in the message list.
  • Click on the selection with the right mouse button.
  • Select Tags from the context menu.
  • Click a tag in the menu to add it.
    • Click a checked tag to remove it from all highlighted messages.

See Tags in the Message List in The Bat!

To add a column for tags to The Bat!'s message list:

  • Select View | Message List Columns… from the menu in The Bat!'s main window.
  • Make sure Tags is checked under Columns.
  • Click OK.

Find Messages with a Certain Tag (or Tags) in The Bat!

To find tagged mail in The Bat!:

  • Select Tools | Search… from the men in The Bat!.
  • Make sure one criterion is Tags contains.
  • Type the desired tag to complete the criterion.
    • You can combine multiple criteria to look for emails matching multiple tags (ALL strings should match (AND)) or one of several tags (ANY strings should match (OR), of course.
  • Make sure all folders in which you want to search are checked under Look in:.
  • Click Start.

Set up a Smart Folder for a Tag in The Bat!

To create a smart folder collecting all messages with a certain tag:

  • Select Folder | New | New Common Virtual Folder… (or Folder | New | New Virtual Folder… if you want the virtual folder to appear under the currently selected account instead of at the root level) from the menu in The Bat!.
  • Enter the name for the new folder (possibly akin to the tag or tags it collects) under Name:.
  • Go to the Filter category.
  • Make sure Advanced filter settings is checked.
  • Click Any message under Advanced filter settings.
  • Select Tags from the drop-down menu.
  • Click next to match any of.
  • Click the desired tags under Available tags: so they appear under Selected Tags:.
    • Click a tag again to remove it from the selection.
    • To add a new tag:
      • Type the tag's desired name under Tag:.
      • Click Add.
  • Click OK.
    • You can also type the desired tag name or names directly following match any of. Separate multiple tags with semicolons.
  • To have the virtual folder collect all messages that bear any of several tags:
    • Click match any of.
    • Select match all of from the drop-down menu.
  • Click OK.
  • Make sure all folders from which you want the new virtual folder to collect messages with the desired tags are checked under Watch….
  • Click OK again.

(Updated June 2012)

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