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Top 31 Favorite St. Patrick's Day E-Card Sites


St. Patrick's Day is the first green of the year in northern regions, and even the fasting rules of Lent do not apply on this day of celebrations. Of course, St. Patrick's Day is also a festival of all things Irish, expressed in colorful greeting cards, for example.

Here are some of my favorite sites to compose and send them. Remember you can also send, for free, some St. Patrick's Day cards from this site, complete with short poems or quotations:

(Updated February 2012)

1. Americangreetings.com - St. Patrick's Day E-Cards

Paying members can choose from some of the most artistic and best animated St. Patrick's Day greeting cards.

2. Vintage Postcards - St. Patrick's Day E-Cards

The vintage postcards you can send as e-cards from CardCow.com are more than green: they're also inspired, beautiful and classy.

3. Jacquie Lawson - St. Patrick's Day E-Cards

Chudleigh the chocolate Labrador digs up some Irish gold in Jacquie Lawson's lovely St. Patrick's day greeting card.

4. Ojolie - St. Patrick's Day E-Cards

A Connemara pony jumps through green and gentle Irish hills to a bright and bubbly Irish tune for joy and St. Patrick's Day. Send this and other beautifully hand-painted greetings from Ojolie.

5. JibJab - St. Patrick's Day E-Cards

It is minute attention to detail, smooth animation and hilarious humor that make JibJab's St. Patrick's Day greetings so special.

6. Hallmark - St. Patrick's Day E-Cards

It is a just a small gallery of high quality St. Patrick's Day cards you can send from Hallmark.com, but it is very green, and all the cards are very nicely animated.

7. Jan Brett - St. Patrick's Day E-Cards

Straight from the artist's hand: most wonderful hand-painted St. Patrick's Day by Jan Brett.

8. Leanin' Tree - St. Patrick's Day E-Cards

Leanin' Tree has captured the green glee of St. Patrick's Day and put it squarely in e-cards ready to send and savor.

9. VerveCards - St. Patrick's Day E-Cards

Should Éire go Brách or braghless this year? You decide at VerveCards, which has in store many other St. Patrick's Day cards as well, spectacular and colorful in word and image.

10. GroupCard - St. Patrick's Day E-Cards

The cards you can send from GroupCard are not only stunning and funny, they are also, well, group cards: have your friends sign them before delivery.

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