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Top 31 Favorite St. Patrick's Day E-Card Sites


21. BirthdayAlarm.com - St. Patrick's Day E-Cards

The day of the Irish is also the day of games, toasts, shamrocks, leprechauns and nicely animated greeting cards.

22. 1001 Postcards - St. Patrick's Day E-Cards

I really like the often simple, but simply great St. Patrick's Day cards that can be found at 1001 Postcards.

23. eCardica.com - St. Patrick's Day E-Cards

It will be difficult to find a greeting card for St. Patrick's Day at eCardica.com with no green pixel at all. Finding great St. Patrick's Day cards is easy, though.

24. E-Cards.com - St. Patrick's Day E-Cards

The aptly named e-cards.com lets you send simple, but charmingly sweet St. Patrick's Day greetings.

25. GreetingSpring - St. Patrick's Day E-Cards

Irish geeks to kissing leprechauns, they come in three dimensions at GreetingSpring, and they come to greet St. Patrick's Day.

26. Care2 - St. Patrick's Day E-Cards

Send truly green greetings for St. Patrick's day: not only are the cards at Care2 great and green, they also donate part of their revenue to environmental organizations.

27. USAGreetings - St. Patrick's Day E-Cards

At USAGreetings, you can find many different nice cards (some of them mildly funny, some of them animated) celebrating St. Patrick's Day and Ireland.

28. The Perfect Greetings - St. Patrick's Day E-Cards

The collection of St. Patrick's Day cards at clubgreetings.com is small, but full of lots of much plentiful good luck.

29. Sloppy Kiss Cards - St. Patrick's Day E-Cards

Find out what's better than a pot of gold — and let your friends know, too, with the hearty, doggy St. Patrick's Day greeting cards at Sloppy Kiss Cards.

30. Regards.com - St. Patrick's Day E-Cards

Choose from a number of images and Flash animations for your free St. Patrick's Day card.

31. Free Web Cards - St. Patrick's Day E-Cards

Free Web Cards has really nice vintage cards for St. Patrick's Day, and some poems, too.

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