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St. Patrick's Day Greeting Cards

Celebrate shamrocks, leprechauns, Blarney stone, and everything Irish in general with great green greeting cards.
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Favorite St. Patrick's Day E-Card Sites
St. Patrick's Day is the first green of the year in northern regions, and even the fasting rules of Lent do not apply on this day of celebrations. Of course, St. Patrick's Day is also a festival of all things Irish, expressed in colorful greeting cards, for example.

St. Patrick's Day Caterpillar - Free St. Patrick's Day E-Card
The caterpillars in Ireland are not your normal caterpillars. They are dressed in, yes, green including a green hat, and they stage a St. Patrick's Day parade on shamrocks.

Gingerbread Paddy - Free St. Patrick's Day E-Card
Wishing a good, tasty, sweet and lovely St. Patrick's Day is easy with this gingerbread paddy wearing green.

Wooden Shoe - Free St. Patrick's Day E-Card
Put on the right shoe first, and put on this lucky e-card for St. Patrick's Day.

St. Patrick's Day Clover - Free St. Patrick's Day E-Card
Send simple, and simply nice, St. Patrick's Day greetings.

St. Patrick - Free St. Patrick's Day E-Card
For St. Patrick's Day, put St. Patrick himself in your emails.

Teddy and Pot of Gold - Free St. Patrick's Day E-Card
The cute teddy celebrates Saint Patrick's Day in a pot of gold.

The Wearing of the Green - Free St. Patrick's Day E-Card
Will you be wearing a green e-card this St. Patrick's Day?

Erin Go Bragh - Free St. Patrick's Day E-Card
A little bit yellow, red, and blue. And lots of green, green, green. Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Shamrock Background - Free St. Patrick's Day E-Card
Let fresh shamrock grow to a classy background in your St. Patrick's Day emails.

1001 Postcards - St. Patrick's Day
I really like the often simple, but simply great St. Patrick's Day cards that can be found at 1001 Postcards.

123 Greetings - St. Patrick's Day
Beer. Beer! Beer is not everything you can send from 123 Greetings. There are many more St. Patrick's Day cards in many more friendly categories.

Americangreetings.com St. Patrick's Day
Paying members can choose from some of the most artistic and best animated St. Patrick's Day greeting cards.

BirthdayAlarm.com St. Patrick's Day eCards
The day of the Irish is also the day of games, toasts, shamrocks, leprechauns and nicely animated greeting cards.

Bloompetals Irish Luck
Let the recipient of your St. Patrick's Day greeting search for, find and capture a bit of genuinely green luck.

BlueMountain.com - St. Patrick's Day eCards
Check BlueMountain.com's "Irish Heritage" category for some impressions from Ireland, or select among the many other St. Patrick's Day cards that paid members can send.

E-Cards.com St. Patrick's Day E-Cards
The aptly named e-cards.com lets you send simple, but charmingly sweet St. Patrick's Day greetings.

eCardica.com - St. Patrick's Day E-cards
It will be difficult to find a greeting card for St. Patrick's Day at eCardica.com with no green pixel at all. Finding great St. Patrick's Day cards is easy, though.

Free Web Cards St. Patrick's Day
Free Web Cards has really nice vintage cards for St. Patrick's Day, and some poems, too.

FunUtilities.com St. Patrick's Day eCards
Images of leprechauns, clovers and Saint Patrick himself spread a lot of holiday cheer at FunUtilities.com.

GreetingSpring St. Patrick's Day Ecards
Irish geeks to kissing leprechauns, they come in three dimensions at GreetingSpring, and they come to greet St. Patrick's Day.

GroupCard St. Patrick's Day E-Cards
The cards you can send from GroupCard are not only stunning and funny, they are also, well, group cards: have your friends sign them before delivery.

Hallmark St. Patrick's Day E-Cards
It is a just a small gallery of high quality St. Patrick's Day cards you can send from Hallmark.com, but it is very green, and all the cards are very nicely animated.

HipsterCards St. Patrick's Day
Everything can be hip. But not everything is. (For St. Patrick's Day, it has to be green at least.) At HipsterCards, you can find and share clever St. Patrick's Day greetings, from classic to silly.

Jacquie Lawson St. Patrick's Day E-Cards
Chudleigh the chocolate Labrador digs up some Irish gold in Jacquie Lawson's lovely St. Patrick's day greeting card.

JibJab St. Patrick's Day eCards
It is minute attention to detail, smooth animation and hilarious humor that make JibJab's St. Patrick's Day greetings so special.

Katie's Cards St. Patrick's Day E Cards
All the St. Patrick's Day icons convene in Katie's holiday greetings that are artfully painted, charmingly animated and — easily sent.

MyFunCards St. Patrick's Day eCards
There's plenty of fun in the St. Patrick's Day cards you can find aplenty at MyFunCards.

Ojolie Saint Patrick E-Cards
A Connemara pony jumps through green and gentle Irish hills to a bright and bubbly Irish tune for joy and St. Patrick's Day. Send this and other beautifully hand-painted greetings from Ojolie.

Plaxo St. Patrick's Day eCards
It's not a sickish green in which Plaxo's e-cards are clad; it is finest St. Patrick's day attire. Sláinte!

Sloppy Kiss Cards - St. Patrick's Day E-Cards
Find out what's better than a pot of gold — and let your friends know, too, with the hearty, doggy St. Patrick's Day greeting cards at Sloppy Kiss Cards.

St. Patrick's Day Regards.com
Choose from a number of images and Flash animations for your free St. Patrick's Day card.

St. Patrick's Day E-Cards from Care2
Send truly green greetings for St. Patrick's day: not only are the cards at Care2 great and green, they also donate part of their revenue to environmental organizations.

St. Patrick's Day Greetings from atmgreetings.com
Lots of green luck charms and a benevolent Saint Patrick, too: St. Patrick's Day greetings from atmgreetings.com.

St. Patrick's Day Jan Brett Postcards
Straight from the artist's hand: most wonderful hand-painted St. Patrick's Day by Jan Brett.

St. Patrick's Day Leanin' Tree E-Cards
Leanin' Tree has captured the green glee of St. Patrick's Day and put it squarely in e-cards ready to send and savor.

St. Patrick's Day USAGreetings
At USAGreetings, you can find many different nice cards (some of them mildly funny, some of them animated) celebrating St. Patrick's Day and Ireland.

The Perfect St. Patrick's Day Greetings
The collection of St. Patrick's Day cards at clubgreetings.com is small, but full of lots of much plentiful good luck.

VerveCards St. Patrick's Day Greetings
Should Éire go Brách or braghless this year? You decide at VerveCards, which has in store many other St. Patrick's Day cards as well, spectacular and colorful in word and image.

Vintage St. Patrick's Day Postcards
The vintage postcards you can send as e-cards from CardCow.com are more than green: they're also inspired, beautiful and classy.

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