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Keep Your Emails Secure, Private and Anonymous

Make sure only you and the intended recipient can read your email with encryption, stay ahead of worms and viruses, and send emails anonymously. It's all about email security, privacy and anonymity, and it's all here.
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How to Choose a Secure and Hack-Proof, Strong Email Password
Secure your email account from hackers breaking into it with a strong password. Here's how to turn your favorite sentence into a complex password that defeats many an attack.

How to Recover an Email Account Password from Your OS X Keychain
Lost, forgot and trashed the password to an email account with seemingly no path to recovery? If you have ever set up the account in an email program on your Mac, you may still be able to find the passwordusing Keychain Access in your OS X or iCloud keychains.

Why You Should Not Use Company Computers for Personal Email
Can you expect privacy at work or does your employer have to watch your every keystroke?

How Reading an Email Can Compromise Your Privacy
By merely opening an email message, you may be revealing a lot about yourself. Learn what, and how to avoid this email privacy invasion.

Ignore Delivery Failures of Messages You Did Not Send
If you wonder why you are getting delivery failures for messages you know you did not send, the cause may be a worm or a spammer, and it's probably not on your computer.

How Carnivore Email Surveillance Worked
The FBI's Carnivore surveillance system was able to intercept any network activity, most prominently email.

How Does the Nimda Worm Work?
Find out how Nimda can be executed by just opening an email, and how you can secure your computer from that threat.

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