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Five Funny Things to Do with Email

There is more fun to email than sending the latest jokes to your colleagues.


Send Email Greeting Cards

With email greeting cards, you can make somebody's day! They are a nice way to say "hello" or "thank you", "miss you" or "love you".

You can find nice cards to say all this — and more — at these greeting card sites. Of course, there are also special cards for almost every holiday.

Use Stationery with Outlook Express and IncrediMail

With Outlook Express, Microsoft has introduced stationery to email. If the recipient of your message has an email client capable of displaying HTML — and most are —, you can send it with nice background images, fancy fonts in colors, and even music.

Outlook Express comes with a set of stationery, but you can find much more (and much better) stationery creations here. If your dreams stationery has not been created yet, you can also make your own.

In IncrediMail, stationery goes by the name of "IncrediMail letters", but it works just like Outlook Express stationery, and it is just as beautiful.

Join Mailing Lists of Like-Minded People

On the wide sea that is the internet, chances are many people share your interests (be it gardening, sewing, or Taoism's reception in the Siberian subculture). Chances are somebody has created a mailing list for this interest.

To find a list for your favorite topic, try searching for the topic plus "mailing list" in one of the major search engines.

Create Your Own List

One of the most exciting, entertaining, and rewarding things to do on the Net is to create and manage your own mailing list.

If there is a topic or a group (your high school class, all bearded men in your company, the young mothers in your street,...) you want to create a list for, you can do so in Outlook Express, for example, or at Google Groups and Yahoo! Groups.

Play Chess Via Email

Or any other game — except Bingo or Trivial Pursuit maybe. Email is certainly a faster (and cheaper, too) way to communicate your moves and check those of your mate than good old snail mail. You may even make use of this stationery especially designed for chess players.

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