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Top 25 Most Popular Anti-Spam Tips, Tricks and Secrets


Spam, spam and spam. How to avoid spam, how to filter spam, and how to complain about spam are the items on this menu of junk mail fighting tips.

Only the tips most popular with other email users make it to this page, but other can be just as useful:

(Updated March 2013)

1. Ignore Delivery Failures of Messages You Did Not Send

If you wonder why you are getting delivery failures for messages you know you did not send, the cause may be a worm or a spammer, and it's probably not on your computer.

2. How to Report Spam with SpamCop

Complain about spam the right way easily with SpamCop, which does all the analyzing for you and generates a perfect complaint email, too.

3. Disguise Your Email Address in Newsgroups, Forums, Blog Comments, Chat

Make it more difficult for spammers to get your address by obfuscating it when you use it in newsgroups, forums and the like.

4. How to Stop Spam with Disposable Email Addresses

Once your email address gets in the hands of spammers, you will get spam. Lots of it. Find out how to use disposable email addresses to dispose of spam (and spammers) effectively.

5. How Long, Complicated Email Addresses Beat Spammers

Spam will, eventually, make it to any mailbox. Any? Here's how to make it hard for spammers to guess your address.

6. Know the Email Address for Spam Complaints

Complain about spam to the right person.

7. How to Use Disposable Email Addresses at Your Web Site

Disposable email addresses can put an end to the spam you get from mentioning your email address on your home page.

8. Whether or Not to Unsubscribe from Spam

If junk mail that lands in your email inbox contains unsubscription instructions, does it make sense to follow them?

9. Use a Good Anti-Spam Program

Achieve a near spam-free email account by employing one of the great anti-spam tools that filter junk mail using all kinds of clever strategies.

10. Don't Use Your Primary Email Address to Sign Up for Anything

You never know what might happen to an email address you use to sign up for Web sites or newsletters. It might be passed on to spammers.

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