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Hotmail Tips for Filtering, Dealing with and Preventing Spam

If you get an email account at MSN Hotmail, you also get a lot of spam with it. There are several tricks you can use to fight Hotmail spam, though, and dump unsolicited emails from your Hotmail Inbox.

How to Set the Hotmail Junk Mail Filter to "Enhanced"
Get rid of a good deal of the spam in your Hotmail Inbox by making the Hotmail spam filters be more (but not too) aggressive.

How to Report Spam to Improve the Hotmail Junk Mail Filter
Help Hotmail combat and filter spam by reporting it. It's as easy as deleting the junk.

How to Make Sure Hotmail Doesn't Ban Mailing Lists as Spam
If you have signed up for mailing lists with your Hotmail address, make sure messages from the list get through to your Inbox.

How to Feed Hotmail Into SpamCop
Trace, analyze and report the spam you receive at Hotmail with ease, and with the help of SpamCop.

How to Review and Empty the Hotmail Junk Mail Folder Now and Then
No need to keep all that spam in your Hotmail account. Get rid of it by reviewing and deleting the unwanted, unnecessary messages in the Junk Mail folder.

How to Block a Domain in Hotmail
Have Hotmail purge all mail from a domain automatically before it enters your Inbox.

How to Block a Sender by Email Address in Hotmail
Here's how to add any email address you like (or don't like, rather) to your black list of blocked senders in Hotmail "manually".

How to Remove an Address from Your Blocked Senders in Hotmail
Did the emails from a good friend suddenly stop coming? Maybe she has been accidentally blocked in Hotmail. Here's how to unblock any sender again.

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