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How and Where to Complain About Spam


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Updated May 29, 2014
Spam is a nuisance, so complaining about it is a natural reaction. With the huge numbers of unsolicited email showing up in mailboxes, it just does not seem to be a very productive reaction, though.

Still, if you turn just a bit of the spam-induced anger to reporting the junk to the right person, you can support the fight against spam actively while gaining the pleasant feeling of having done something. But will it help?

Does Reporting Spam Make Sense?

While a lot of the junk email you get is from hijacked computers of people who are guilty of not securing their PC but not directly of spamming and while there are a few spam-friendly ISPs, it still makes sense to report unsolicited emails to the administrators of the part of the internet where the message originated.

Some reports may lead to spammers getting kicked off by their ISPs, and the reports serve as an incentive for internet service providers to educate and secure their users so their computers are not turned into spam-sending zombies.

Easy Ways to Report Spam

To report spam correctly, you first have to

  • identify the real source of the message — what you see in the From: line is usually forged —,
  • find the ISP responsible for the part of the net where the message originated,
  • identify the correct person to contact at that ISP and finally
  • word and send your report.

This is a rather involved and not always easy undertaking. Fortunately, much can be automated, and spam reporting services make it easy to complain about spam correctly.

One of the most comfortable and sophisticated spam reporting services is Spamcop. If you don't have much time but still want to report spam, Spamcop is the way to go.

Of course, you can submit just as perfect spam reports manually, too. It's an interesting insight into and lets you get in touch with how the net work. Let's begin with identifying the spammer's ISP.

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