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YouSendIt - Free Large File Sending Service

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The Bottom Line

YouSendIt makes it really easy to deliver files larger than what your email service may allow. Various subscription levels cover just about every file delivery need, and desktop applications as well as plug-ins make YouSendIt particularly convenient.
Free YouSendIt accounts offer enough bandwidth only for occasional file sending, however.


  • YouSendIt lets you send files up to 100 MB (Lite, free) or 2 GB (Pro)
  • Extremely easy to use via the web, YouSendIt also offers desktop applications or plug-ins
  • YouSendIt can track downloads, protect them with passwords, and offers interface branding


  • YouSendIt cannot deliver files exceeding 2 GB, and 100 MB is not much for free delivery
  • You cannot copy yourself on mail sent with YouSendIt easily
  • YouSendIt has a monthly download limit of 1 GB for free accounts


  • YouSendIt lets you send files up to 100 MB (for free) or 2 GB (paid accounts) via email.
  • The uploaded documents are stored at YouSendIt for 7 (free) or 14 days (paid accounts), read for download.
  • Email recipients get a message containing a unique link to the file.
  • YouSendIt scans sent files for known viruses and, for paid accounts, can track delivery and downloads.
  • File transfer can happen over secure TLS/SSL connections with YouSendIt.
  • A personal address book lets you remember people who often receive large files.
  • Paid YouSendIt accounts allow downloads to be protected with a password (also available for individual deliveries).
  • YouSendIt offers desktop applications for Windows and Mac OS X and plugs into Outlook as well as several image editors.
  • The YouSendIt Outlook add-on and Windows desktop application can resume interrupted uploads.

Guide Review - YouSendIt - Free Large File Sending Service

The hallmarks of email include the ability to send any file document to any place in the world with convenience and speed. Unfortunately, if the file to be sent is just a bit too large — and with many email services it does not take much, 2 MB maybe, to be too large — the whole process breaks down in disarray. Do you have to resort to a USB stick and mail it? Or is it necessary to upload the file to a web server and mail the address by hand? Fortunately, neither is needed.

All you have to do is visit YouSendIt, compose your message, specify the big file — up to 100 MB in size for free accounts and 2 GB for paid ones — to be delivered and click "Send It". Sending large files is as easy as that with YouSendIt, and the recipient will get an email containing a link to a page from which the file can be downloaded.

Desktop applications for Windows and Mac OS X make the uploading even easier and faster, and you can resume interrupted uploads, too. YouSendIt also plugs into Outlook and a number of image editors.

With paid YouSendIt accounts, you can track how often each file has been downloaded. Certified delivery and password protection are further options, and business accounts can set up their own branded file uploading service with YouSendIt technology.

It's a pity YouSendIt file sending and downloading limits are a tad low for free accounts. You can always pay as you go for larger files or password protection, though.

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Yousendit crooks, Member nizaradeeb

They have been stealing our money for more than 2 years with monthly payments without sending us notifications. We did the trial, signed for one month, then cancelled. They never cancelled our membership, kept charging us with no notification. Lawsuit on the way from our end. Sad that a company will still trick customers like tat. Inpress Advertsing inc.

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