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Pando 2.3 - Free Large File Sending Service

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Pando - Free Large File Sending Service

Pando - Free Large File Sending Service

Heinz Tschabitscher

The Bottom Line

Pando combines secure P2P file transfers with email attachments so you can send any file to any email address with speed, ease and flexibility. Unfortunately, Pando requires you to use a little Windows or Mac app for the actual file transfers and is not available if you or your recipient uses a different platform.


  • Pando lets you send and receive big files (up to 50 GB; 1 GB free) via email or post them to a blog
  • Small attachments initiate secure file download using Pando's P2P network
  • Pando integrates with Outlook, Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo! Mail, AIM Mail and Yahoo! Messenger


  • Pando lacks a web interface and can only be used through Mac and Windows clients
  • You cannot track or control files sent
  • Web-based email integration requires IE, and Pando could integrate better with email programs


  • Pando allows you to send and receive large files via email.
  • Files up to 3 GB in total size (1 GB for free accounts) can be packed into a Pando email.
  • A small .pando attachment is sent via email. The files are delivered through Pando.
  • Files sent via Pando are available for 14 days and can be protected with a password.
  • If a direct connection is possible, Pando delivers files directly, even with LAN speed.
  • Pando includes a file and media browser for attaching files and can download .torrent BitTorrent files.
  • Files packaged with Pando can also be made available for download on any site or blog.
  • Files from subscribed RSS feeds containing Pando enclosures are downloaded or streamed automatically.
  • Integration with Outlook, Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo! Mail and AIM Mail makes attaching files particularly easy.
  • Pando supports Windows 2000/XP/Vista and Mac OS X 10.3/4.

Guide Review - Pando 2.3 - Free Large File Sending Service

As if those emails with tons of pictures in them were not enough, now somebody has to combine email attachments with P2P file transfers to create — something eminently useful.

Pando makes sending large files (up to 1 GB in size for free accounts and up to 50 GB for premium users) really easy. Using a media and file browser, you preview and select the desired files, add a subject and message, and off goes the Pando package to the desired email address.

Optionally, you can also post a neat download link to your blog or send it via IM. The download of files can be restricted to those who know the right password. On the receiving end, an email appears with a small attachment.

When the recipients trust you enough (Pando can make use of a virus scanner but does not scan files itself), they open the Pando attachment, which in turn kicks their Pando app into action. Using a secure network of servers (which keeps the file for two weeks) or, when possible, a direct connection, Pando transfers the file securely and fast in small pieces.

As you have certainly noticed, use of the Pando app, which is available for Mac OS X and Windows, is mandatory. Users of other platforms (notably Linux) or those who cannot install an application on their machines are out of luck as Pando offers no web or other alternative interface.

Pando plugs into Outlook and Yahoo! Messenger, and if you use Internet Explorer it works famously with Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo! Mail and AIM Mail, too.

Better integration with existing email infrastructure (possibly by transparently turning attachments into Pando packs during delivery) would still be great.

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