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Secure Your Emails and Protect Your Privacy Through Encryption

Every email you send is an open book. Unless, of course, you have encrypted. With encryption, only the intended recipient will be able to open and read your message. As an additional bonus, they'll also know it was you who sent the mail.
  1. Open PGP Email Security (13)
  2. S / MIME Email Security (15)

How to Protect Your Email with Password and Encryption in Windows
Want to make sure other people with access to your computer cannot open your mail? Here's how to protect your email program data with your Windows log-on password and maybe even encryption.

How Public Key Encryption Works
Without encryption, data sent via email is far from being private. Find out how public key encryption can make email more secure.

Identity-Based Encryption (IBE)
Identity-Based Encryption (IBE) is an ingeniously simple way to make encryption for email both ubiquitous and easy by allowing the email address itself to act as the key used for enciphering.

SoftClan e-cryptor
SoftClan e-cryptor makes it easy to send emails using strong encryption. (Windows)

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