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Omea Reader 2.0 - RSS News Feed Reader

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Omea Reader - RSS News Feed Reader

Omea Reader - RSS News Feed Reader

Heinz Tschabitscher

The Bottom Line

Omea Reader makes staying up to date with RSS feeds, Usenet news and web pages a smooth experience tailored to your reading style and organizing talent with search folders, annotations, categories and workspaces. It can seem a bit over-complicated at times, though, giving no clear guidance. Omea Reader also lacks learning filters and synchronization.


  • Omea Reader integrates RSS feeds, Usenet news and web sites
  • Clever tools like search folders, flagging, and annotations help you stay organized in Omea Reader
  • Omea Reader finds items fast


  • Omea Reader does not offer learning filters or categories
  • You cannot synchronize multiple Omea Reader installations, poor integration with net-based services
  • Omea Reader cannot read email and instant messaging conversations


  • Omea Reader lets you read RSS feeds, Usenet newsgroups and web pages, downloads podcasts.
  • Resources can be organized in workspaces, folders and custom views that aggregate using criteria.
  • Omea Reader lets you search items fast, and you can save searches to smart views easily.
  • Items can be categorized, flagged and annotated in Omea, and you can save excerpts as clippings.
  • Flexible filters can do many tasks automatically in Omea Reader.
  • Omea Reader automatically links related items (such as blog posts by a person).
  • You can import existing RSS feeds from OPML files and other RSS feed readers.
  • Omea Reader lets you post to blogs directly and can be expanded further with plug-ins.
  • Omea Reader supports Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/3/XP.

Guide Review - Omea Reader 2.0 - RSS News Feed Reader

An RSS feed reader is nice, but does it not just add another new channel? Typically, it does. If you do not like juggling multiple applications, sites and services, Omea Reader is a great tool for integrating items to read.

Omea Reader is a seamless blend of RSS feeds, bookmarked web pages (which you can read offline) and Usenet newsgroups. Unfortunately, email and instant messaging are missing from Omea Reader (Omea Pro, an expanded version of Omea Reader does support Outlook email, ICQ and Miranda IM).

Even with email missing from the big picture, Omea Reader makes it a very personal and very efficient picture. Not only can you search items fast in Omea Reader, you can also save searches as folders or create custom "views" flexibly. Dedicated "workspaces" let you separate work from play, for example.

Omea Reader's flags, annotations and categories let you organize news items further and with barely a limit. Filters can do most of these tasks automatically for you — as long as you find suitable criteria. Omea Reader does not offer filters or folders that learn from example.

While you can import feed lists from OPML files, Omea Reader does not really integrate with the latter and offers no synchronization features of its own either. The multitude of other features, folders, filters, access points, views and workspaces can make Omea Reader feel cluttered, however.

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