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Juice 1.6 - RSS News Feed Reader

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Juice - RSS News Feed Reader

Juice - RSS News Feed Reader

Heinz Tschabitscher

The Bottom Line

Juice is great tool for following the few blogs that have infrequent posts which all interest you fully. Managing larger amounts of both RSS feeds and news items is less convenient in Juice, which shows a considerable lack of organizing talent.
Juice is no longer actively developed.


  • Juice searches news locally and on the web fast and in a convenient manner
  • You can read RSS feed news items in a very stringent and no-fuss manner with Juice
  • Juice offers nice system tray tooltip notification of new items


  • Juice offers no way to browse news and headlines more concisely
  • You cannot arrange multiple RSS feeds in folders
  • Juice does not offer flagging of individual items for later


  • Juice reads and displays items in RSS and Atom news feeds.
  • You can read either the text-only feed or the online version of an item in Juice.
  • Juice lets you post a link to an item on del.icio.us or mail it easily.
  • You can search not only locally but also in many news and RSS feed engines right in Juice.
  • Juice displays tooltip notifications of new items atop the system tray.
  • Juice supports Windows 2000/3/XP and requires the .Net Framework 1.1.

Guide Review - Juice 1.6 - RSS News Feed Reader

Maybe it exists. Maybe the ideal news source that, while you do not always agree with its views (that would be horrible), is always interesting and fun to read, providing lots of minutely researched background info and surprising insight does exist. I have a personal favorite that comes pretty close to that description (I agree with it too much), and Juice is a great tool to follow it.

Spending no time on organizing feeds and news items in lists or folders, Juice gives you just the headlines or articles — one after the other. With no shortcut to take but search, Juice makes you go through the postings in a linear manner that is surprisingly refreshing.

Still, as eye-opening and refreshing as it is, much of the news we consume via RSS feeds is not designed for that kind of treatment. Feeds necessarily high in volume and low in signal need ways to go through the headlines quickly; need search folders and filters to tackle the most relevant items first; need labels for organizing and re-organizing the news to suit personal tastes. It would also be nice if Juice showed images and formatting in postings.

With all its lack of organizing talent, Juice has a nice and useful search tool that finds relevant news not only locally but also through many blog as well as news search engines.

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