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Blog Navigator 1.2 - RSS News Feed Reader

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Blog Navigator - RSS News Feed Reader

Blog Navigator - RSS News Feed Reader

Heinz Tschabitscher

The Bottom Line

Blog Navigator is a sophisticated RSS feed reader that packs a lot of power — search folders and offline article archiving, for example — in an easily approachable interface. There are still some rough edges, though, Blog Navigator comes with little documentation and search as well as organization show room for improvement.


  • Blog Navigator lets you read blogs and news in a readily efficient manner
  • You can flag articles and save them for later in "baskets"
  • Blog Navigator's search folders look for matching items in your subscriptions or on the web


  • Blog Navigator still shows some erratic behavior
  • While you can blog right from Blog Navigator, it does not thread postings or put news in context
  • You can't search in all your Blog Navigator feeds quickly without setting up a search folder


  • Blog Navigator is an RSS and Atom feed reader with support for RSS feed enclosures and podcasts.
  • You can organize and read feeds in folders either per item or on a newspaper-styled page.
  • Blog Navigator lets you set up Article monitors that automatically search your feeds for keywords.
  • Similarly, Blog Navigator's Web search looks for keywords in blog and news search engines.
  • Items can be marked important and archived for ensured offline reading and availability.
  • Using article baskets, you can create collections of news items and web pages in Blog Navigator.
  • It's easy to mail articles (including their content) using Blog Navigator and your email client.
  • The integrated blog editor lets you post to your blog right from within Blog Navigator.
  • Blog Navigator supports Windows 2000/3/XP.

Guide Review - Blog Navigator 1.2 - RSS News Feed Reader

When you first launch Blog Navigator, chances are you do not expect much. There are folders and feeds, and you can read the items either one by one or in a newspaper layout.

There is, however, much more to Blog Navigator's modest interface. The "Article monitor" lets you set up virtual folders looking for keywords in all your subscription while "Web search" aggregates search results from Feedster, DailyPop and Blogdigger.

Even if you don't organize your news using these filters, Blog Navigator can speed things up by preloading articles you are likely to read next to the browser cache for faster retrieval. You can flag important items and keep them safe, which downloads them and prevents them from accidental deletion. If that is not enough, Blog Navigator lets you set up news "Baskets" that can hold any collection of articles or web sites.

Still, there is room for improvement. While Blog Navigator integrates well with blogging services and lets you post easily, it does not establish connections between blogs so you can see threads of discussions, for example. The virtual folders could go beyond keyword search and employ statistical analysis to catch relevant items with even better accuracy. And I've seen some unexpected, buggy behavior in Blog Navigator while documentation is practically nonexistent.

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