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Active Web Reader 2.40 - RSS News Feed Reader

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Active Web Reader - RSS News Feed Reader

Active Web Reader - RSS News Feed Reader

Heinz Tschabitscher

The Bottom Line

Active Web Reader is a simple and quite usable RSS feed reader that lets you browse and read news without much fanfare or features galore. Unfortunately, Active Web Reader does not make up for the missing features with being particularly beautiful, simple or functional.


  • Active Web Reader lets you organize your feeds nicely in groups
  • You can choose from a number of attractive and useful news display options
  • Active Web Reader includes simple, but practical keyword search across feeds


  • Active Web Reader lacks smart folders and news item threading
  • You can't label or otherwise deal with individual news items
  • Active Web Reader lacks synchronization across installations and other advanced features


  • Active Web Reader is a aggregator of and reader for RSS feeds.
  • You can organize your feeds to folders in Active Web Reader.
  • Each feed can have its own update interval, the default is a reasonable daily schedule.
  • Active Web Reader offers a number of display styles to suit your reading habits.
  • Acting as a web browser, Active Web Reader opens pages in tabs.
  • RSS feed auto-discovery while browsing the web makes subscribing easy in Active Web Reader.
  • Noteworthy items can be emailed to friends and colleagues easily from within Active Web Reader.
  • Active Web Reader supports Windows 98/ME/2000/3/XP.

Guide Review - Active Web Reader 2.40 - RSS News Feed Reader

There is a certain bare bones essence of a text editor. You'll find the same basic elements in vi, Emacs, Notepad and TextEdit.

If there is a bare bones essence of an RSS feed reader, too, Active Web Reader could be its implementation in a highly pure form. You get a list of categories to place your feeds in, and you can read these feeds in another pane.

Active Web Reader lets you choose from a number of display styles — some of them collapse items to headlines, but none break them out completely —, opens web pages in background tabs and you can search the downloaded copy for keywords. That's about it.

Active Web Reader is useful, mind you, but it does not quite have the elegance and functionality that comes from such simplicity, and some features are really missing. A way to flag individual items would be nice, for example, and smart folders really useful.

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