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Windows RSS Feed Readers / Aggregators

Subscribe to your favorite site's feeds, and your RSS feed reader will go out and check them all for news. Then it displays new items in an easy to use format. Some RSS feed readers will let you do much more like filtering and searching and archiving and posting and... Find RSS feed readers and services for Windows users reviewed here.
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Top Free Windows RSS Feed Readers / News Aggregators
RSS feed readers offer one of the most efficient ways to follow news, web site and software updates, newsletters, blogs and more. Many of the best news aggregators for Windows are available for free. Find them reviewed here.

Top Windows RSS Feed Readers / News Aggregators
RSS feeds are a spam-free, quick and efficient way to read news and weblogs. To get the most out of newsfeeds, you need a powerful aggregator, though, that lets you organize, search, categorize and use news items just like emails. Here are my top picks for reading news on Windows.

Active Web Reader
Active Web Reader is a simple and quite usable RSS feed reader that lets you browse and read news without much fanfare or features galore.

ActiveRefresh is a powerful aggregator (RSS, non-syndicated sites, email) and flexible news presenter (with filters and customizable display).

Aggie is most useful as an RSS to email gateway, allowing you to read and organize news in your email client.

AmphetaDesk is a solid aggregator of RSS feeds and displays them in a highly customizable web page.

Attensa Online RSS Feed Reader
Attensa Online is a pure and simple RSS feed reader on the web, and if it has all the functionality you need (reading feeds grouped by folder) it is perfect.

Awasu Personal Edition
Awasu Personal Edition is an extremely feature-rich RSS feed reader. The option to enhance it with plugins and hooks in particular makes Awasu a powerful aggregator, in spite of some limitations.

Blago RSS Newsreader
Blago RSS Newsreader is a tiny aggregator of RSS feeds. It works great for reading the latest news on a few sites.

Blog Navigator
Blog Navigator is a sophisticated RSS feed reader that packs a lot of power — search folders and offline article archiving, for example — in an easily approachable interface.

BlogBridge makes it easy to discover, organize and read RSS feeds that interest you with preselected guides and suggestions based on what you like.

BlogExpress is a nice, simple and highly functional news reader.

BlogMatrix Jäger
BlogMatrix Jäger is a streamlined news reader that lets you follow blogs and web site updates in a very efficient manner.

FeedDemon is a clean and well thought-out approach to reading RSS feeds. Easy to configure and use, FeedDemon still has a comprehensive feature set.

Feedreader is a clean RSS feed client with fantastic new article notification and an organized interface to following the news.

Headline Viewer
Headline Viewer is a flexible and efficient headline reader, if you like its approach.

intraVnews makes Outlook read RSS feeds naturally, allowing for smart grouping, searching, filtering and archiving of news items and blog posts.

Juice is great tool for following the few blogs that have infrequent posts which all interest you fully.

Jyte is a remarkably simple and at the same time very functional and flexible RSS feed reader.

KlipFolio Feed Viewer
The Feed Viewer Klip lets you follow any RSS feed in the efficient headline browsing style of KlipFolio.

Lektora is a stylish and friendly way to read RSS feeds like a newspaper in Internet Explorer or Firefox.

NewsGator Online Services
NewsGator Online Services make your RSS feed follow you. Using intelligent subscription and item synchronization, you can read news on the web, via POP email, on a mobile device or in NewsGator for Outlook.

Mozilla Thunderbird
Mozilla Thunderbird is a fully featured, secure and very functional email and chat client plus RSS feed reader. It lets you handle mail efficiently and with style, and Mozilla Thunderbird filters away junk mail too.

NewsGator does the very right thing of integrating RSS feeds (and Usenet news) with an email client. NewsGator lets you read, archive, organize and search news with all the power of Outlook.

NewsIsFree is a comprehensive web-based RSS feed aggregator with a newspaper-like layout and a popularity filter to show you only mass-moving items.

NewsPiper is a swift tool for browsing news headlines that either come via RSS feeds or that it extracts from web pages itself.

NewzCrawler is a fantastic RSS feed reader with a highly usable interface and tons of useful features and gimmicks.

NewzSpider makes it easy, convenient and fast to follow updates on your favorite sites and blogs.

Omea Reader
Omea Reader makes staying up to date with RSS feeds, Usenet news and web pages a smooth experience tailored to your reading style and organizing talent with search folders, annotations, categories and workspaces.

The Opera email client is a slick and flexible interface that will satisfy almost all your email needs, and Opera integrates RSS feeds in this experience as well.

Pears is a simple, but functional RSS feed reader that gets you through the news in no time.

Pluck offers a friendly way to follow news and web site updates by turning IE into a comfortable RSS feed reader.

PopHeadlines is a smart little tool that lets you read any RSS feed in any email client.

Radio UserLand
Radio UserLand is great for blogging hence and forth (and reading RSS feeds in between), but as a news reader Radio UserLand is actually rather pathetic.

RSS Bandit
RSS Bandit is a nice and very capable feed reader that lets you browse news in an organized fashion.

RSS Captor
RSS Captor is a bare bones RSS feed aggregator with great search functionality but little else going for it.

Rocketinfo RSS Reader
Rocketinfo RSS Reader is a really easy to use yet flexible and universally accessible interface to all your favorite news and content sources.

RSS-News is an easy to use and quite efficient RSS feed reader.

RSSConnect is a flexible RSS feed reader that shows considerable power in some areas.

RssReader is a straight forward RSS feed reader whose lack in features is, to some extent, compensated by its simplicity.

Sage - Mozilla Firefox RSS Feed Reader Extension
Sage improves on Mozilla Firefox's live bookmarks with an RSS feed reader extension that adds better organization and much prettier display.

Sage User Reviews - Mozilla Firefox RSS Feed Reader Extension
Find users' reviews of the Sage Mozilla Firefox RSS feed reader extension here and share your experience, too.

Sauce Reader
Sauce Reader is a very organized and practical RSS feed reader. Featuring saved searches and a blogging tool, Sauce Reader is apt even for heavy news addicts.

SharpReader is a great RSS feed reader that knows how to organize news and blogs in their logical order to make following them easy.

Squeet delivers news items from RSS and Atom feeds to your email Inbox, integrating them nicely with other incoming "stuff" and exposing them to all the power of your email program while providing convenient subscription management itself.

Wildgrape NewsDesk
Wildgrape NewsDesk is a RSS feed reader that makes it easy to follow and find news (also via its system tray icon menu).

Bloglines is a great, web-based way to read RSS feeds. There's no software to wrestle with, and using Bloglines is smooth and easy.

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