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Mac RSS Feed Readers / News Aggregators

RSS feeds are classy, smart and simply work like a charm. A perfect match for Mac users. Find Mac software and services that let you follow news and blogs elegantly and without spam reviewed here.
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Top Mac RSS Feed Readers / News Aggregators
RSS feeds are an excellent way to keep up to date with all kinds of information sources (blogs, news, the weather, discussions,..). An RSS feed reader will check subscribed channels for updates automatically and let you browse the news that's important to you. Here are my top picks of news aggregators for Mac users.

AmphetaDesk is a solid aggregator of RSS feeds and displays them in a highly customizable web page.

BlogBridge makes it easy to discover, organize and read RSS feeds that interest you with preselected guides and suggestions based on what you like.

BlogMatrix Jäger
BlogMatrix Jäger is a streamlined news reader that lets you follow blogs and web site updates in a very efficient manner.

Cyndicate - RSS News Feed Reader
Cyndicate lets you organize news from RSS feeds in just about any manner you could like, and even knows (from your own past ratings) which stories you're likely to like in particular.

endo RSS Feed Reader
endo lets you follow news from RSS feeds in an organized manner using groupings of feeds and smart rule-based folders of items as well as speedy search and great podcast support.

Lektora is a stylish and friendly way to read RSS feeds like a newspaper in Internet Explorer or Firefox.

NetNewsWire is competent and flexible RSS feed reader that combines Mac elegance with smart tools that help you follow news updates efficiently.

Mozilla Thunderbird
Mozilla Thunderbird is a fully featured, secure and very functional email and chat client plus RSS feed reader. It lets you handle mail efficiently and with style, and Mozilla Thunderbird filters away junk mail too.

NewsFan is a clean and easy to use RSS feed reader that comes with an extra cool tool to ticker hot news.

NewsFire is an RSS reader designed with beauty and simplicity in mind. This makes NewsFire attractive, easy to use and very functional.

NewsGator Online Services
NewsGator Online Services make your RSS feed follow you. Using intelligent subscription and item synchronization, you can read news on the web, via POP email, on a mobile device or in NewsGator for Outlook.

NewsIsFree is a comprehensive web-based RSS feed aggregator with a newspaper-like layout and a popularity filter to show you only mass-moving items.

NewsLife - RSS News Feed Reader
NewsLife provides a sane and simple way to read news and articles coming via RSS feeds.

NewsLife User Reviews - Mac RSS News Feed Reader
Find users' reviews of the NewsLife Mac RSS news feed reader here and share your experience, too.

The Opera email client is a slick and flexible interface that will satisfy almost all your email needs, and Opera integrates RSS feeds in this experience as well.

Pears is a simple, but functional RSS feed reader that gets you through the news in no time.

Pheeder is the essence of an RSS feed reader and displays any other XML document cleanly, too.

PulpFiction - RSS News Feed Reader
PulpFiction makes following blogs and web sites via RSS feeds as easy, comfortable and efficient as reading email (with added benefits).

Radio UserLand
Radio UserLand is great for blogging hence and forth (and reading RSS feeds in between), but as a news reader Radio UserLand is actually rather pathetic.

Rocketinfo RSS Reader
Rocketinfo RSS Reader is a really easy to use yet flexible and universally accessible interface to all your favorite news and content sources.

RSS Menu
RSS Menu turns the Mac OS X menu bar into a versatile RSS feed reader that not only displays headlines but also complete stories, lets you group feeds and integrates with both Safari and iTunes.

Sage - Mozilla Firefox RSS Feed Reader Extension
Sage improves on Mozilla Firefox's live bookmarks with an RSS feed reader extension that adds better organization and much prettier display.

Sage User Reviews - Mozilla Firefox RSS Feed Reader Extension
Find users' reviews of the Sage Mozilla Firefox RSS feed reader extension here and share your experience, too.

Shrook - RSS News Feed Reader
Shrook is a clever RSS feed reader that displays and organizes news in a smart (and customizable) way.

SlashDock is a nice way to keep up with the latest headlines via the Mac OS X Dock.

Squeet delivers news items from RSS and Atom feeds to your email Inbox, integrating them nicely with other incoming "stuff" and exposing them to all the power of your email program while providing convenient subscription management itself.

Vienna RSS Feed Reader
Vienna keeps following RSS feeds simple and functional with smart folders, groups, an integrated browser and item flagging.

Bloglines is a great, web-based way to read RSS feeds. There's no software to wrestle with, and using Bloglines is smooth and easy.

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