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How to Use Body Text Auto-Complete in PocoMail


If you type the same long words or phrases frequently in your emails, PocoMail can help you make this tedious typing much easier, and much faster with its message auto-complete feature.

I might, for example — an extremely unlikely example, of course —, be tired of typing my name ("Tschabitscher") and use a shortcut instead: "t_r". Whenever I type "t_r", PocoMail will expand this to "Tschabitscher" automatically.

Use Body Text Auto-Complete in PocoMail

To set up an auto-complete shortcut in PocoMail:

  • Select Tools | Message Auto-Complete... from the menu.
  • Make sure Enable auto-complete after pressing ___ is checked.
  • Type the desired shortcut in the Loaded Shortcut: field.
  • Enter the text the shortcut should expand to in the entry field below.
  • Click Save.
  • Now click Close.

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