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How to Create and Use an Email Template in Outlook


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About to click Send, it dawns on you: the email you have composed looks a lot like email you wrote last week. And, who knows, perhaps you'll write the same message again in seven days?

Wait, then. Do not click Send yet. Save the message as an Outlook template first, and next week's composition will be that much swifter starting from that stationery.

Create and Use an Email Template in Outlook

To save an email message as a template in Outlook:

  • Create a new message and enter the desired template Subject: and content.
    • Do remove any signatures if you have set up Outlook to add a signature automatically when composing.
  • Select File | Save As from the menu.
    • In Outlook 2010, click the Office button and select Save As.
  • Select Outlook Template under Save as type: in the Save As dialog.
  • Type the desired template name (if different from the email subject) under File name:.
  • Click Save.

To compose a message using the new template:

  • Go to Mail in Outlook.
  • Make sure the HOME tab is visible in the ribbon.
  • Click New Items.
  • Select More Items | Choose Form… from the menu that has appeared.
    • In Outlook 2007, select Tools | Forms | Choose Form… from the menu in your Outlook inbox.
  • Select User Templates in the File System under Look In:.
  • Double-click the desired message template.
  • Address, adapt and eventually send the email.

(Updated September 2013)

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