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How to Forward Multiple Messages Individually in Outlook


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Evidence, anecdote, datum or joke: you want to forward a bunch of emails in Outlook.

You could, of course, highlight them and send them as attachments to a new message (by selecting Forward Items from the context menu). You could, of course, open each message and forward it individually.

If neither option appeals to you, Outlook can help you out with a folder and a rule. Yes, you'll copy the aspiring forwardees to a special folder and have an Outlook rule forward them individually and automatically.

Forward Multiple Messages Individually in Outlook

To have Outlook forward a heap of messages individually for you:

  • Create a new folder. (Call it "Forward" perhaps.)
  • Copy all messages you want to forward to the "Forward" folder.
  • Make sure the "Forward" folder is open.
  • In Outlook 2013:
    • Make sure the HOME ribbon is open.
    • Click Rules in the Move category.
    • Select Create Rule… from the menu that shows.
    • Click Advanced Options….
  • In Outlook 2007:
    • Select Tools | Rules and Alerts... from the menu.
    • Click New Rule....
    • Highlight Check messages when they arrive.
    • Click Next >.
  • Click Next > (leaving all conditions unchecked).
  • Click Yes.
  • Make sure forward it to people or public group (or forward it to people or distribution list) is checked under Step 1: Select action(s).
    • You can alternatively check forward it to people or public group as an attachment (or forward it to people or distribution list as an attachment) to forward messages not inline but attached.
  • Click people or public group (or people or distribution list) under Step 2: Edit the rule description.
  • Double-click the desired contact or list from your address book, or type the email address to which you want to forward under To ->.
  • Click OK.
  • Click Next >.
  • Click Next > again.
  • Make sure Turn on this rule is not checked under Step 2: Setup rule options.
  • Now make sure Run this rule now on messages already in "Forward" (or whatever you named the forwarding folder).
  • Click Finish.

You can delete the rule and the "Forward" folder if you want, of course, or just delete the messages in it and re-use the folder later.

(Updated April 2014)

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