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How to Add Background Sound to an Email in Outlook 2003


To add a background image to a message you are composing in Outlook, you just have to employ the Format | Background | Picture... menu item. But what if you want some music or other background sound to go with your email, too?

Outlook does not devote a menu command to background sounds, but with the help of some HTML, you can still set your messages to music.

Add Background Sound to an Email in Outlook

To add background sound to an email in Outlook:

  • Create a new message using HTML formatting in Outlook.
  • Download the following file to your Desktop: zbgsound.htm.
  • Start Notepad.
  • Open the zbgsound.htm file you just downloaded in Notepad.
  • Replace ###path to background sound file### with the path to the desired background sound file.
    • The line could read <img src="C:\Documents and Settings\lsdoe\My Documents\My Music\lsdoem.mid" id="bgsound", for example.
  • Select File | Save from the menu.
  • In the Outlook message, select Insert | File... from the menu.
  • Go to your Desktop.
  • Highlight zbgsound.htm.
  • Click on the right down arrow of the Insert button.
  • Select Insert as Text.
  • Continue editing your message.

After the message is sent, you can close Notepad and delete the zbgsound.html file, of course.

Your Background Music May Not Play Automatically

Be aware that the background sound will not automatically play in most email clients. Some recipients might only see an attachment they can open to hear your sound.

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