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Outlook Tips, Tricks and Secrets

Outlook is big, powerful and flexible, but it can also be big, powerful and confusing. Find out how to get the most out of Outlook and how to exploit all of its features with these Outlook tips, tricks and tutorials.

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Most Popular Outlook Tips, Tricks and Tutorials
The good, the bad, and the popular. Are there any correlations? Well, find out for yourself if the most popular tips, tutorials and techniques for Outlook are not also some of the most helpful.

Time-Saving Tips for Outlook
You spend time aplenty in Outlook. Don't waste it. Change defaults to what you prefer; use a keyboard shortcut or two; employ filters; make sure Outlook itself runs at maximum speed, and more.

How to Access a Free Yahoo! Mail Account with Outlook
Your Yahoo! Mail account is not made for the web alone. Here's how to download mail from a free Yahoo! Mail address into Outlook — and how to send through Yahoo! Mail, too.

How to Access an AOL Email Account with Outlook
Use your AOL email accounts with all the power of Outlook. Here's how to set up AOL screen names as IMAP email accounts in Outlook.

How to Access an Outlook.com Account in Outlook
Want to access your Outlook.com emails not only in your favorite browser but also in your favored email program, Outlook? Setting up Outlook.com in Outlook using Exchange ActiveSync is particularly easy, and Outlook will synchronize folders and your actions (like deleting or moving a message) in addition to letting you read and send mail.

How to Access Gmail with Outlook 2007 Using IMAP
Outlook and Gmail make a great couple; they send each other messages all day long. Here's how to set up access to a Gmail account in Outlook, and it is terrifically easy.

How to Access Gmail in Outlook (Using IMAP)
Looking to set up Gmail the smart way in Outlook? Add it as an IMAP account, and you will not only be able to read incoming mail but also use labels, mark messages as junk and continue drafts, for instance. Here's how to add Gmail to Outlook using IMAP.

How to Access Gmail in Outlook (Using POP)
Looking for an easy way to get new Gmail emails in Outlook withoutwho knowsduplicate messages, a huge "All Mail" folder and dozens of folders? Setting up Gmail in Outlook using POP does just that, and you can send mail as well, of course.

How to Access Gmail with Outlook 2002 or Outlook 2003
Would you like to read your Gmail email not only on the web but in Outlook as well? Here's how to set up a Gmail account in Outlook for sending and retrieving mail.

How to Access Windows Live Hotmail with Outlook
Use Microsoft Outlook to fetch and send email messages through your Windows Live Hotmail account comfortably and with all the power and flexibility of a real email client.

How to Access Gmail with Outlook 2002 or Outlook 2003 Using POP
All you want to do is download emails into Outlook as they arrive at your Gmail account and not worry about synchronization or labels? Find out how to add Gmail as a POP account to Outlook 2002 or Outlook 2003 with just that in mindand, naturally, sending replies as well as new messages from that Gmail address.

How to Add a Background Image to a Message in Outlook
Give your emails a colorful and original background in Outlook.

How to Access Gmail with Outlook 2007 Using POP
Do you use all those labels in your Gmail account? Do you need all your emails and actions to synchronize back and forth? Do you prefer complicated when straight-forward is an option? If you like time-tested simplicity, find out here how to set up Gmail in Outlook as a POP account that just downloads new emails as they come in and lets you send from your Gmail account, too.

How to Access Your Email Remotely From Another Computer and Location
Would you like to access your email not only from the computer at home or work but also remotely from any place and computer with an internet connection?

How to Access Zenbe in Outlook
Get Zenbe email on the web — and in your Outlook. Here's how to set up a Zenbe account in Outlook, downloading simply using POP or accessing seamlessly using IMAP.

How to Add a Fixed Background Image to Emails in Outlook
Do you wish for your emails to carry the elegance and style of a background image that does not move as the text is scrolled but stays stationary? Here's how to use stationery to that effect.

How to Add Addresses to the Address Book Automatically in Outlook 2000
Never forget to enter the email address of somebody you reply to in your Outlook address book.

How to Add an Address or Domain to Safe Senders in Outlook
Is Outlook's "Junk E-mail" folder eating your good mail? Add known senders or complete domains to "Safe Senders" to make sure you get what you need (or want).

How to Add Members to a Distribution List in Outlook
A list without members is nothing. Here's how to populate a distribution list in Outlook, either from existing contacts or with new addresses.

How to Add Background Sound to an Email in Outlook
Music in the ear of your email's beholder: here's how to add background sound to messages you write in Outlook.

How to Archive Old Mail Automatically using Outlook AutoArchive
Turn on AutoArchive to have Outlook clean folders of old mail automatically.

How to Archive Old Mail in Outlook and Keep the PST File Small
If you want to make sure your Outlook is fast and snappy, keep your main PST file size small — by moving old mail to a separate archive file, for example.

How to Add or Edit Color Categories in Outlook
Let colors guide you. Using custom Outlook labels with colors, you can categorize your mail your way.

How to Add Bcc Recipients in Outlook
Send blind carbon copies with Outlook — copies whose recipients will remain anonymous.

How to Automatically Cc: All Mail You Send in Outlook
Outlook can send a carbon copy of every message you compose to another email address.

How to Always Send in Plain Text to Certain Email Addresses in Outlook
Compose your emails with style and rich formatting in Outlook and make sure, at the same time and automatically, that people who prefer or need a plain text version do get it.

How to Back Up or Copy Your Outlook Mail, Contacts and Other Data
Backing up all your important Outlook data (mail, contacts, calendars, and more) is as simple as copy and paste.

How to Archive Outlook Mail to a Removable Medium
Get old messages out of the way. Here's how to move messages or complete folders from Outlook to an archive located at a removable medium, for example.

How to Attach a File in Outlook
Attach, Outlook, attach! Here's how to send a file along with your email.

How to Change the Delivery Folder for a POP Account in Outlook
When Outlook fetches new mail from a POP email account, they do show upbut in the wrong folder, say a catch-all inbox or some place buried deep in a folder hierarchy that made sense long ago? Changing the delivery folder for a POP account, I am glad to write, is easy.

How to Change the Default Font Face and Size in Outlook
The font Outlook uses when you compose a message or read an email is too wide, tall, small, tiny, big or blue? Here's how to specify the precise font, font style and color to use by default for emails in Outlook.

How to Change the Font Size of the Outlook Message List
Do you reach for a magnifying glass in despair when you look at the message list in Outlook, where everything is tiny and barely a character legible? Here's how to change the font style and size of the list of messages in Outlook to suit your fashion and needs.

How to Back up or Copy Your Outlook Auto-Complete List
Take the list that pops up when you start typing a recipient's name or address in Outlook with you to a new computer — or create a backup copy.

How to Change the New Mail Notification Sound for Outlook
"New mail for you, oh my most intelligent and beautiful person!" Make your Outlook new mail announcements sound something like this.

How to Can Spam Effectively with the Outlook Junk Mail Filter
Have Outlook make up your Inbox. Here's how to get the most out of Outlook's junk mail filter and have spam filtered to a special folder automatically and effectively.

How to Change the Way Unread Messages are Highlighted in Outlook
Unread messages, please stand up. Here's how to highlight unread mail in Outlook using special fonts, colors, and more.

How to Change the Account Order in Outlook
My accounts: 1. private, 2. misc, 3. work. Fortunately, Outlook lets me sort them in this order.

How to Change the New Mail Sound in Outlook
Make Outlook announce new emails your way by changing the sound they play for this event.

How to Choose the Account Used to Send a Message in Outlook
The account Outlook selected for a reply or new message is not the one you'd like to appear in the "From:" line of your email? Here's how to...

How to Change the New Mail Notification Sound for Outlook
"New mail for you, oh my most intelligent and beautiful person!" Make your Outlook new mail announcements sound something like this.

How to Create and Use an Email Template in Outlook
Are you composing similar messages again and again? Here's how to save one such message as a template now in Outlook and write that much faster — again and again — in the future.

How to Create an Email Signature in Outlook
Set up a short piece of text containing essential contact information, a tag line or maybe an ad or quotation to be inserted in every email you send from Outlook.

How to Change the Sort Order of the "Select Names" Dialog in Outlook
When you click on the "To" button while composing a message in Outlook, you can have contacts sorted either by their last name or their first.

How to Check for and Enable Updates in Outlook (Click to Run)
When Microsoft updates Outlook, is your copy updated, too? Here's how to enable automatic updates—the only kind available—for Click to Run Outlook, and where to find information about recent updates.

How to Check Your Outlook Folders' Sizes
Find out where all the huge emails with big attachments are hiding. Here's how to see the sizes of all your Outlook folders.

How to Compact a PST File to Reduce Its Size in Outlook
Even after you have emptied the "Deleted Items" folder in Outlook, these items now doubly deleted may still waste space in your PST file for a while. Here's how to start reclaiming that space instantly.

How to Delete an Address from the Outlook Auto-Complete List
Has Outlook remembered an email address you mistyped, or do you want to get rid of an outdated name? Here's how to clear the auto-complete list that appears when you type in the To: field from unwanted entries.

How to Create a New Message Using Stationery in Outlook
Enhance your emails with colorful backgrounds, animations, sound and much more. Here's how to use stationery with Outlook.

How to Create Attachments via Drag-and-Drop in Outlook
Create a new email with an attachment the easy way in Outlook.

How to Delete Attachments from Messages in Outlook
Keep the message, lose its big size. Here's how to remove attached files (after you have saved them elsewhere) from email messages in Outlook to trim your mailbox size.

How to Create Custom Rules with VBA in Outlook
Satisfy all your filtering needs in Outlook by building complex filters using Visual Basic for Applications.

How to Enable Phishing Email Protection in Outlook
Outlook can help you avoid phishing scams.

How to Delete a Message Without Downloading It in Outlook
Spare yourself the long downloads of (junk) messages you don't want. Here's how to make Outlook delete a message right at the server without downloading it in full.

How to Delete and Mute a Conversation in Outlook
If you wade through too many messages in too many conversations that are irrelevant to you, Outlook can help: here's how to delete an entire conversation and have Outlook remove future emails in the same thread automatically, too.

How to Edit a Received Message in Outlook
Does a message need a more descriptive "Subject", do you want to annotate in the body or make any other change? Outlook makes editing received emails easy.

How to Export Your Outlook Contacts to a CSV File
Keep your contacts even if you leave Outlook behind. If you save your Outlook contacts as a CSV file, you can easily import them elsewhere.

How to Direct Replies to an Email to a Special Address in Outlook
Need to redirect replies to a specific email you are composing in Outlook? Here's how to set the Reply-To address for individual messages.

How to Find Out Whether You Are Using 32-bit or 64-bit Outlook
Wondering why an Outlook add-on does not work? Not sure whether to download a plug-in's 64-bit or 32-bit version? Find out whether your Office Outlook is of the 32-bit or of the 64-bit kind so you can get the correct add-ons.

How to Filter One Sender's Mail to a Certain Folder Automatically
Starting with a message, easily set up an Outlook filter that moves all the sender's future emails to a particular folder automatically.

How to Download Only the Headers for Large Messages in Outlook
Avoid downloading huge attachments and viruses automatically by making Outlook synchronize headers only if a message exceeds a certain size.

How to Download Remote Images in an Email in Outlook
Balance privacy protection and security with functionality and comfort. Here's how easy it is to manually show remote images that Outlook has blocked.

How to Forward a Message as an Attachment with Outlook 2003 and Outlook 2007
Forward messages exactly the way you see them in Outlook, and make it easy for recipients to reply to the original sender.

How to Forward an Email as an Attachment in Outlook
Forward an email in full and the state in which you received it. Outlook lets you forward messages as EML attachments. These include all the formatting and text as well as the complete header information.

How to Find Related Messages with Outlook
Why are we talking about this right now? How did the discussion get started? What was it that I said? In Outlook, finding all related messages is easy.

How to Find Out Where Outlook Stores Your Mail, Calendar and Other Data
Find the directory where Outlook keeps all your precious data.

How to File Messages with One Click in Outlook
Do faster what you do so often: here's how to set up Outlook so you can file messages with a single click.

How to Filter Yahoo! Mail Spam to a Special Folder in Outlook
Take advantage of Yahoo! Mail's great anti-spam filters to move spam that comes through your Yahoo! Mail account to a special folder automatically in Outlook.

How to Find All Mail from a Sender Quickly in Outlook
Outlook has all the messages from a particular sender, and it will show them quickly with this tip.

How to Forward a Message with Outlook
If you want to share an email you received with others, there's no better way than forwarding it. Here's how to forward emails in Outlook.

How to Find and Open Your Outlook Stationery Folder
Want to add new email stationery to Outlook or delete email backgrounds and styles you no longer need? Here's where to find the folders that hold stationery (one for your personal stationery, one for stationery that all computer users can use).

How to Forward Multiple Messages Individually in Outlook
To forward a bunch of emails individually yet automatically in Outlook, you need but a folder and a rule.

How to Have Outlook Highlight Mail Sent to You Only
When you are the sole recipient, the message is typically more important than if you're one of 45 people in the Cc: line? Here's how to make Outlook highlight messages that have only you in the To: line.

How to Have Replies to Your Emails Go to a Different Address in Outlook
Want to send from one address but receive replies at another? Here's how to set your default Reply-To: address for an email account in Outlook.

How to Hide Strikethrough Messages Marked for Deletion in Outlook
If you neither desire to purge deleted messages from your IMAP inbox constantly in Outlook nor like to see all those messages that should be gone, here's how to hide the messages marked for deletion from view.

How to Import Your Outlook Contacts into the Mac OS X Mail Address Book
The OS X Address Book application can import Outlook contacts for use in Mac OS X Mail.

How to Forward Emails as Attachments by Default in Outlook
Do you always reach for the "Forward as Attachment" option in Outlook? You can set up Outlook so it does that automatically, and emails will be attached when you use the regular "Forward" button (or keyboard shortcut).

How to Get Access to Blocked Attachments in Outlook
Live dangerously! Open file attachments unhampered in Outlook.

How to Get Reminded to Reply to a Message in Outlook
Outlook is my brain, and it helps me remember replying to emails with short reminders.

How to Import from Google Calendar into Outlook
Have a calendar in Google Calendar whose events you would like to see in Outlook but don't need to synchronize? Here's how to import any Google Calendar itinerary's items easily into Outlook.

How to Import Contacts from Excel or a CSV File into Outlook
You extensive list of contacts or customers is stored happily in a spread sheet or database? After some simple importation steps, they can be in Outlook, too, and build the basis for a mailing list, for example.

How to Give Your Outlook Accounts Friendly Names
If even chemical elements have friendly names, your email accounts in Outlook should have monikers you remember, too.

How to Increase the Font Size While Reading Mail in Outlook
Is the tiny font in emails giving you headaches? Here's how to swiftly increase the size of text in messages you read in Outlook.

How to Hide Fax Numbers in the Outlook "Select Names" Dialog
When you click "To...", Outlook tries to confuse you with multiple entries for contacts, half of them fax numbers? Here's how to hide these duplicates.

How to Increase the Outlook Attachment Size Limit
Outlook won't let you send an attachment, claiming it exceeds some limit? Here's how to adjust the Outlook attachment size limit to match that of your email server so you don't get back emails as undeliverable and avoid unnecessary Outlook errors, too.

How to Insert a Graphic or Animation in Your Outlook Email Signature
Make the signature appended to your emails in Outlook a richer experience by adding graphics, animations and logos.

How to Highlight Text with a Marker Pen Background Color in Outlook
Want to highlight key text with style and, perhaps, subtlety? Here's how to emphasize with a colorful marker pen in Outlook.

How to Insert an Image Inline in an Email with Outlook
If you want to include your photos, sketches or other images in your email messages directly (instead of as attachments), here's how to do it in Outlook.

How to Make Links Work in Outlook Express, Outlook and Any Other Email
When you click the link to a web page in an email, nothing happens? Here's how to make links work again and open happily in your browser; works for Outlook, Outlook Express, and just about any other Windows email program.

How to Identify and Fend Off Phishing URLs in Emails with Outlook
Prevent spoofed emails in Outlook and web sites from stealing your identity or credit card number.

How to Identify Your Outlook Stationery Folder
Make sure you install Outlook stationery in the right folder so Outlook can find it automatically.

How to Install WinZip Self-Extracting Outlook Stationery
Self-extracting Outlook stationery may unzip itself, but it doesn't install on its own. But getting that stationery to work is not difficult either.

How to Install Zipped Outlook Stationery
From downloaded Outlook stationery zip file to beautiful emails in a few steps.

How to Maintain a Custom Folder View for a Number of Outlook Folders
Change the way you look at a group of Outlook folders in one go.

How to Make Outlook Send and Receive Periodically and at Startup
Do you want new mail to show up in your Outlook Inbox automatically, diligently retrieved on a schedule? And at startup, too?

How to Make Outlook Accept Only Mail from Your Contacts and Safe Senders
For simple yet effective spam filtering in Outlook, accept only mail from known senders.

How to Make Outlook Allow Commas to Separate Multiple Email Recipients
Wondering why Outlook cannot resolve a contact's name when you try to send an email to more than one recipient? It may be the way Outlook interprets commas in the To:, Cc: and Bcc: lines; here's how to make it see commas as separating email addresses.

How to Make Outlook Your Default Email Program
Use Outlook for all your email tasks automatically.

How to Minimize Outlook to the System Tray
Keep Outlook readily accessible while minimizing both its window and the space it consumes on the screen.

How to Make Outlook Dial Your ISP Automatically
Connect your Outlook automatically whenever it needs an Internet connection — to download mail periodically, for example.

How to Make Outlook Remember Your Email Password
Does Outlook ask you for the password every time you check mail? Here's how to make it remember that password for once and for all.

How to Make Outlook Ignore the Font Specified in Stationery
You like the background image, but not the font? You want the logo, but not the font? Make Outlook ignore fonts and font styles specified in stationery, either for all messages or just for replies and forwards.

How to Prevent Winmail.dat Attachments from Being Sent in Outlook
Beat application/ms-tnef and winmail.dat. Here's how to configure Outlook to make sure it does not send mysterious and inexplicable winmail.dat attachments with your emails to unsuspectingly confused recipients.

How to Make Outlook Send Mail Right Away
Outlook sends at its earliest convenience instead of immediately after you click "Send"? Here's how to make Outlook do deliver your mail as fast as possible.

How to Make the Message Header Smaller in the Outlook Reading Pane
Think the "reading pane" should be for reading messages' bodies in addition to items from their headers? Here's how to collapse the header area in Outlook's reading pane to a height more suited to also displaying—for actual reading—message bodies.

How to Mark a Remote Message for Download in Outlook
Want to see it all? Here's how to make Outlook fetch the full content of a message after it has grabbed only the headers to let you decide whether the email is worth the download.

How to Protect Access to an Outlook PST File with a Password
Make sure your archive PST file or part of your Outlook folders can be accessed only with a password.

How to Permanently Delete a Message in Outlook
Want to delete a message forever right now in Outlook but not empty the "Deleted Items" folder?

How to Move Messages Quickly in Outlook
Transfer emails quickly with the power of your keyboard alone in Outlook.

How to Prevent Outlook from Adding Your Name When You Edit Forwards or Replies
Does Outlook add your name (in bold!) when, replying or forwarding, you edit the original text? Here's how to stop this annoyance.

How to Purge Deleted Messages Automatically in Outlook
Tired of manually purging deleted items? Outlook can clean up and purge deleted messages whenever you switch IMAP folders.

How to Purge Deleted Messages in Outlook
When you delete an email in Outlook, it is merely grayed out with a line through it? To permanently erase it, purge the messages marked for deletion in the IMAP folder. It's easy.

How to Redirect an Email in Outlook
Redirect messages in Outlook to share them or forward them to more appropriate a recipient. Redirecting, unlike forwarding, keeps the message intact, however, and the original sender is preserved for easy replying.

How to Prevent Outlook from Answering Read Receipt Requests
You don't want email senders to know when you open their messages, and you don't want Outlook to ask you to return read receipts either? Here's how to make Outlook ignore requests for read receipts.

How to Prevent Outlook from Downloading Images Automatically
Don't let Outlook put your privacy and security at risk by downloading content from the web wildly when you open or preview emails.

How to Print Incoming Mail Automatically in Outlook
Have Outlook send messages to the printer as they arrive. You can set up filtering criteria to print only certain messages, too.

How to Protect Your Email with Password and Encryption in Windows
Want to make sure other people with access to your computer cannot open your mail? Here's how to protect your email program data with your Windows log-on password and maybe even encryption.

How to Receive Mail Sorted by Account in Outlook
Are you tired of Outlook collecting (and mixing) all mail from all accounts in one universal Inbox? Using a few rules, you can make it deliver each account's incoming messages to their special folders.

How to Read All Insecure Mail in Plain Text Only in Outlook 2002
Plain text emails are fast, secure and no threat to your privacy. Here's how to make Outlook 2002 SP1 display all emails in plain text only.

How to Read All Mail in Plain Text Only in Outlook
Avoid privacy threats, ugly messages, viruses and all things evil associated with HTML messages. Here's how to make Outlook display all emails in plain text only.

How to Read or Recover Archived Outlook Mail from a Removable Medium
Get back to and get back old mail you have archived from Outlook to a disk or DVD-ROM, for example.

How to Request a Delivery Receipt for a Message in Outlook
Know when your message arrives by requesting a return receipt in Outlook.

How to Recover a Message from the Outlook Junk E-mail Folder
Has Outlook made a mistake and placed a good mail in your "Junk E-mail" folder? No reason to resign to it. Recover the lost message instead. Here's how.

How to Remove an Email Account from Outlook
Is your Outlook setup cluttered with email accounts you no longer need? Have you set up an IMAP account just temporarily to import some messages? Here is how to remove an email account from Outlookand free up space in its interface as well as on your disk.

How to Schedule Emails in Outlook
Do not deliver this mail before... You can tell Outlook to deliver a message on or after a certain date.

How to Remove Password Protection from a PST File
Tired of typing a password for every PST file every time you open Outlook? Set Outlook to remember the passwords and now wonder what the point was for having them in the first place? Want to back up a PST file, but without password protection? Here's how to remove the password from an Outlook PST file.

How to Report Spam from Outlook to Improve Its Junk Mail Filter
You can help improve the Outlook spam filter by reporting junk mail it missed. With the right tool, it's a matter of a single click.

How to Restore Outlook Mail, Contacts and Other Data from a Backup
Recover messages, your address book, calendar, and other essential Outlook data from a backup copy.

How to Send a Message to a Distribution List in Outlook
Setting up a mailing list in Outlook is only half the fun. Sending a message to the whole list with a few clicks is where the real action is.

How to Resend a Message That is Stuck in the Outlook 2000 Outbox
Get that message delivered from Outlook's Outbox.

How to Reset One Sender's Messages' Importance to Normal in Outlook
Do you get mail from a sender who always sets the importance to "High"? They can't be convinced to change habits? Here's how to have Outlook reset the importance back to normal automatically.

How to Send a Plain Text Message in Outlook
Send messages that don't make use of any of Outlook's advanced formatting features, but at least are sure to be displayed properly for every recipient.

How to Save Messages as Plain Text with Outlook
Want to make sure the emails you have received are stored in a format any computer will always be able to read? Whether you need to save mail as plain text from Outlook for this or for any other reason, here's how it's done.

How to Save Multiple Attachments at Once with Outlook
Get all attachments from an email into a folder in one go with Outlook.

How to Set the Default Account in Outlook
When you start a new message in Outlook, this is the account whose settings the signature and From: address, for example will be used automatically.

How to See Total (Not Just Unread) Inbox Message Count in Outlook
Want to know not how many unread messages a folder, say your to-be-followed-up mailbox, contains but how many emails in toto? Here's how to set up Outlook to show you total folder message counts.

How to Search Inside a Message in Outlook
Want to find something in a long, unwieldy email? Here's how to search the text in a message in Outlook.

How to Search for Emails with Empty Subject Lines in Outlook
Wish Outlook could show you all emails with missing Subject lines — so you can add your own, for example? Here's how to search for blank Subjects in Outlook.

How to Set Up an "All Mail" Folder in Outlook
Have Outlook show all messages from all your folders in one long "All Mail" list.

How to Set Up an Out of Office Vacation Auto-Reply in Outlook
While you are away from the computer, Outlook can automatically reply to incoming mail with a pre-written message telling senders when you'll be able to reply individually.

How to Set Up a Distribution List in Outlook
Create your own mailing lists in Outlook and send messages to groups of people easily.

How to Send an Email with Any From: Address in Outlook
To unsubscribe, you need to send an email with an anachronistic email address you stopped using years ago in the From: line? Here's how to send an email from any address in Outlook.

How to Set Up Outlook Google Calendar Sync
Put Google Calendar into Outlook and Outlook into Google Calendar. Here's how to set up 2-way synchronization of your default Outlook and Google Calendar schedules.

How to Set the Default Message Format in Outlook
You don't have to choose your favorite message format every time you create a new message. Here's how to make it your default in Outlook.

How to Send Newsletters and Emails with Images not Attached in Outlook
Would you like to place images in your emails or newsletters but don't want them to be attached to the messages? Here's how to make Outlook use references to the internet locations of pictures instead of attaching them.

How to Sort Your Outlook Inbox by Email Account
Tell your accounts apart by sorting and grouping the messages in your Outlook Inbox by where they were received.

How to Troubleshoot Email Problems in Outlook with Transaction Logging
Is Outlook behaving strangely not sending or receiving mail, for example and you have no idea why? Log the hidden activities and fin out what is going on.

How to Sync Google Calendar, Outlook and iPhone Calendar
Want to synch your Outlook calendar to Google and iPhone? It's easy and automatic to keep all your appointments and events up to date on all computers and devices. Here's how to set up background synchronization of your Outlook calendar, Google Calendar and iPhone Calendar.

How to Set AutoArchive Options for an Outlook Folder
Tell Outlook to clean up a certain folder periodically and automatically.

How to Share Contacts Between Outlook and Outlook Express
The people you know in your Outlook address book can also be the people you know in your Outlook Express address book.

How to Sort Outlook Folders in Arbitrary, Non-Alphabetic Order
Have you ever wanted to have the most important folder listed on top in Outlook, not the one that happens to be named "Arbitrary"? Here's how to arrange the Outlook folder list your way.

How to Streamline Conversations in Outlook
Why tolerate email folders and your mind littered with oodles of messages that are quoted elsewhere anyway? Here's how to have Outlook clean up automatically and move or delete redundant emails.

How to Suggest a Feature or Improvement for Outlook
Share your Outlook experience and suggestions for new features or improvements with the Microsoft Office team.

How to Use Contact Categories as Distribution Lists in Outlook
Turn your Outlook contacts into elegant, flexible and stable mailing lists by using categories instead of distribution lists.

How to View the Complete Message Source in Outlook
Stop Outlook from throwing away the evidence. Here's how to make Outlook retain the original message source when it retrieves emails from the internet.

How to Turn Off the Outlook Reading Pane by Default
Do you prefer messages not to open automatically? Do you like the overview of a preview pane-free message list? Here are two ways to disable Outlook's reading pane — for all folders, and by default.

How to Use Word as Your Default Email Editor in Outlook
Compose your Outlook messages with word processor power.

How to Turn Off ICQ Integration in Outlook
Get rid of the ICQ toolbar and some odd behavior in Outlook.

How to Uninstall an Outlook Add-On
Outlook complains about an add-on that's not loading whenever you launch it? You want to get rid of all ballast that may make Outlook slower than it needs to be? Here's where to look for add-ons and extensions, and how to remove them from Outlook.

How to Send an Email to Undisclosed Recipients in Outlook
If you want to send an email to a group of people but keep their email addresses hidden, send it to "Undisclosed recipients" in Outlook.

How to Undelete a Message Quickly in Outlook
Have you just deleted a message in Outlook that was not (yet) meant to head to the "Deleted Items" folder? No worries! Here's a simple and really fast way to get it back.

How to Use a Special Signature for Replies in Outlook
One signature for new messages, another one for replies. Here's how to set up a special signature for responses in Outlook.

How to View All Message Headers in Outlook
See an email's path, its origin and more in its header lines. Here's how to make Outlook display them in full.

How to View Mail Grouped by Conversation Thread in Outlook
Tired of searching for related messages to put the latest reply to a thread in context? Here's how to have Outlook collect all emails in a conversation — even from different folders — and show them in order.

How to Whitelist People You Mail Automatically in Outlook
Let Outlook build its list of safe senders automatically by adding everybody you send an email.

How to Write a Message Using a Specific Message Format in Outlook
While I usually send my messages in plain text, I want this particular one to be in HTML! Here's how to use any format for a message you're composing in Outlook.

Message Formats in Outlook and When to Use Which
Should you send your message in fancy HTML, or should you rely on plain text? Or use rich text formatting (whatever that is)?

How to Create an Outlook Address Book Entry for "Undisclosed Recipients"
If you want to send an email to a group of people but keep their email addresses hidden, send it to "Undisclosed recipients" in Outlook.

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