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How to Print Your Outlook Express Address Book


When you send an email (from your home computer), the electronic address book used by Outlook Express is great. But a printed address book has its merits, too. You can doodle in it, for example. It also serves as a physical backup, and you can take it with you in ways that are not always possible with computers, laptops, or cell phones.

Summed up, you want to print your Outlook Express address book. Now here's how to do it in a style that fits your purse.

Print Your Outlook Express Address Book

To print a copy of your Outlook Express address book:

  • Select Tools | Address Book... from the menu in Outlook Express.
  • Make sure the addresses are sorted in the desired way.
    • To change the sort order, select View | Sort By from the menu and select the order that fits you best.
  • Highlight the contacts you want to print.
    • To highlight multiple (individual) contacts, hold down the Ctrl key while clicking on them.
    • To highlight a block of contacts:
      • Click on the first contact in the block.
      • Hold down the Shift key while
      • clicking on the last contact in the block.
    • The two selection methods can be combined.
    • If you want to print all address book entries, no selection is necessary.
  • Click the Print button in the toolbar.
  • Click Options to select the paper size and orientation appropriate for your (physical) address book.
  • Under Print Style, select the desired layout.
    • Memo outputs all the information about the contacts.
    • Business Card prints names, company names, email addresses and phone numbers.
    • Phone List creates a list of phone numbers (home, business, mobile, fax and others) for the contacts.
  • Click Print.

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