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Outlook Express Tips for Hacking and Doing Astonishing Things

Is it possible to get rid of the splash screen in Outlook Express? Can contacts be shared with Outlook? Yes and possibly yes. Learn about these and other simple Outlook Express hacks with the following tips.

Share Contacts Between Outlook and Outlook Express
The people you know in your Outlook address book can also be the people you know in your Outlook Express address book.

How to Use Anything as Your Outlook Express Start Page
You'll open Outlook Express anyway. Why not open it to a page you like (weather, news, a blog, your page, whatever,...)?

How to Turn Off the Outlook Express Splash Screen
Start Outlook Express without the splash screen, but faster.

How to Create a Message in Outlook Express from the Command Line
If you send messages in Outlook Express from a command prompt or programmatically from another application, you can even specify default recipients, a default subject and suggested message text.

Change the Outlook Express Window Title
Outlook Express by any other name... Customize the window title and give Outlook Express any name you like.

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