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How to Send Documents as a Single Zip File with Live Mail or Outlook Express


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You like to write poems, and as a good Windows citizen you keep them in neatly organized folders inside My Documents. Now you want to share them, and what better way is there to share poems than via email?

Why Compressing Documents Makes Sense

You could simply attach all the documents to an email you are writing in Windows Live Mail, Windows Mail orOutlook Express, but (in particular if they are stored in the wasteful .doc format) that might create a big email with big attachments, much bigger than necessary. Not only does that make the message slower to send and receive, you might even surpass the recipient's maximum message size so that they cannot download it.

Fortunately, many documents can be compressed to as little as 10% of their original size. As an additional bonus, compressing the files you want to send to a zip file packs all of them neatly in a single attachment.

Send Documents as a Single Zip File Attachment with Windows Live Mail, Windows Mail or Outlook Express

To send a couple of documents packed into a single zip file with Windows Live Mail, Windows Mail or Outlook Express:

  • Open the folder containing the files you want to send in Windows Explorer.
  • Select File | New | Compressed (zipped) Folder from the menu.
  • Type the name you want the attachment to carry.
  • Hit Enter.
  • Highlight the documents you want to send.
    • To select multiple documents, keep the Ctrl key pressed while you click them.
  • Drag-and-drop the highlighted files on the newly created zip file.
  • Open Windows Live Mail, Windows Mail or Outlook Express.
  • Create a new message.
  • Now drag-and-drop the zip file onto the message.
  • Address, compose and send the message as usual.
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