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Outlook Express Tips for Handling Contacts in Your Address Book

It's who you know — and how you know who you know. Get the most out of Outlook Express' address book with these tips for adding, organizing and using contacts in Outlook Express.
  1. Sending Group Mail

How to Add a Sender to the Outlook Express Address Book Quickly
Here's a fast, no-fuss method to build your Outlook Express address book.

How to Turn On or Off Address Auto-Completion in Outlook Express
Ever sent an email to the wrong address by accepting what Outlook Express suggested when you started typing? Here's how to disable (or, if you want convenience back, enable) email address auto-completion in Outlook Express.

Sort the Contacts Pane Alphabetically in Outlook Express
Find friends to email fast in Outlook Express by sorting the contacts pane alphabetically.

How to Build Your Outlook Express Address Book Automatically
Outlook Express can help you collect the people you know in your address book by automatically adding everybody you reply to via email.

Add All Recipients of an Email to Your Outlook Express Address Book
From the To: or Cc: line of an email you have received right into your Outlook Express address book. Here's a streamlined way to add new contacts from existing emails.

Back Up or Copy Your Outlook Express Address Book
Make sure you never lose your important Outlook Express contacts.

Restore or Import Outlook Express Address Book Data
Restore the Outlook Express address book from your backup copy (and restore old friendships, too).

How to Print Your Outlook Express Address Book
Want to get a neatly printed copy of your Outlook Express address book? Here's how to create one.

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