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mbx2eml 0.68 - Email Conversion Tool

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mbx2eml - Email Conversion Tool

mbx2eml - Email Conversion Tool

Jürgen Lüthje

The Bottom Line

mbx2eml converts messages from mbox files (used by Mozilla Thunderbird and other email programs) to .eml files (which are easily imported into Outlook Express) reliably and with utmost simplicity. A graphical user interface would be nice, though, and filters might be helpful in certain cases.


  • mbx2eml turns mbox mailboxes into .eml email files (for Outlook Express) reliably and fast
  • mbx2eml creates a dedicated folder for each mbox file's messages


  • mbx2eml lacks a graphical interface
  • You cannot filter emails and only extract certain messages
  • mbx2eml does not understand variations of the mbox format such as Eudora's


  • mbx2eml explodes mbox mailboxes into individual .eml email files.
  • Each mbox file's messages are saved to a special folder to maintain organization.
  • mbx2eml supports Windows 9x/ME/NT/2000/3/XP.

Guide Review - mbx2eml 0.68 - Email Conversion Tool

Getting mail out of one email program and into another is, it seems, a perpetual struggle. Even if your old email client used a simple and relatively universal — the contradictory terms hint at the dilemma — format for storing mail such as mbox that does not guarantee smooth conversion to another email program.

Outlook Express, for example, ignores mbox files thoroughly. Importing .eml files into Outlook Express is easy as drag and drop, however, and this is what makes mbx2eml such a great tool.

In most simple and effective a manner, mbx2eml converts mbox files (as found in Mozilla Thunderbird, for example; it's a pity mbx2eml does not recognize Eudora's almost mbox file format) to individual emails in the .eml format, neatly arranged in folders and ready to be dragged into the desired Outlook Express folders.

While mbx2eml is simple and relatively easy to use, it could profit from some interaction. Currently, you have to specify the source files and destination folder via the command line. Being able to just drop mbox files unto mbx2eml to have them converted would be nice, and maybe mbx2eml could even apply some filtering to just convert certain messages (e.g. from a specified time period).

These minor issues aside — and converting mail is not an activity in which you will engage every day, I hope —, mbx2eml is a great tool dedicated to do a single job fast, reliably and well.

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