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Lookeen 2010 3.0 - Outlook Search Add-On

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Lookeen - Outlook Search Add-On

Lookeen - Outlook Search Add-On


The Bottom Line

Lookeen finds everything fast in Outlook — no matter the account, folder, PST file or type (from email to meeting to attachment).


  • Lookeen finds emails, contacts, appointments and everything else fast in Outlook and Windows
  • You can easily reach threads and related emails with Lookeen
  • Lookeen supports advanced search operators (but does not help you much using them)


  • Lookeen's "back" button goes back to the last search string, not the last thing you've seen
  • Search strings could be interpreted more loosely, related message search more intelligent
  • Lookeen does not index new emails and folder updates in real time


  • Lookeen finds messages, contacts and other Outlook data as well as documents in local folders.
  • Attached files of many a type (including Office documents and PDF files) are found and previewed by Lookeen, too.
  • In addition to keyword search, Lookeen returns conversations (based on contacts) and related messages (looking at subjects).
  • You can configure PST files, folders and attachment file types to search. Lookeen supports Exchange, POP and IMAP.
  • Lookeen updates its database on a schedule (anything from every few seconds to every few days), and can pause during work.
  • From Lookeen search results, you can preview, open, move, delete or categorize emails easily.
  • A bunch of messages can be summarized, say for forwarding; analytics show you when you get how much of what kind of mail.
  • Operators let you restrict Lookeen searches to certain fields, or expand them with wild-card characters, for example.
  • To repeat oft-used searches easily, Lookeen saves them as favorites for you.
  • Lookeen supports Windows XP/Vista/7 and Outlook 2003/7/10.

Guide Review - Lookeen 2010 3.0 - Outlook Search Add-On

If it's there, Lookeen will find it. "It" can be anything from an email message to a contact, task, attachment, appointment or file. "There" can be in any Outlook PST file and any account type — from Exchange to POP or IMAP — or any local Windows folder. In an enterprise environment, for instance, Lookeen can even search external indices of, say, shared Outlook archives.

Lookeen not only finds, of course, it also finds fast; faster, it seems, than Outlook's built-in index search. With the results found and displayed in a nice separate window, Lookeen can perform a number of stunts, too: show only a certain type (only emails, say, or just meetings), only time range, find related messages by subject or contact, and operate on emails. Swiftly can you move, copy, delete or, of course, open emails, for example. Instant previews (including attached images and documents) make picking the right message a snap.

If a simple keyword search did not get you the sought result, Lookeen lets you employ search operators that find phrases, for example, or look only in the "Subject:". Lookeen lacks an interface that would construct such queries for you, though, and sometimes you wish the simple search were more forgiving — and include inflections, alternate spellings and synonyms.

What Lookeen does include are snazzy statistics that let you know the days of the week that you send or receive most mail, when you have the majority of your appointments, or how much email traffic has changed over the years.

Behind Lookeen's fast results is an index of all data. When you first install Lookeen, that collection has to be built from the ground up, which can take a while. Subsequently, new data is added quickly on a schedule. You can choose an interval from a few seconds to days. Watching over Outlook's actions and having new emails in Lookeen instantly would be even better, of course.

User Reviews

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 4 out of 5
Lookeen Ver 8.0 Slower than prior version 3.7, Member ttruax

I just upgraded to the new version 8.0 from the last release of the prior version 3.7 because I was very satisfied with Lookeen after repeated frustration with Outlook's search tools. The new version can search more stuff, but the indexer is much slower. Not super slow, but it took about 5 minutes to index 2000 contacts. My old version 3.7 did the same index in under a minute. It should be noted that a search is only as good as your index. Running the indexer is where the real search happens. I don't run my indexer automatically because it slows down the computer and I don't want my computer randomly slowing when I might need it for something critical. If I don't get the search results I expect, then I run the indexer. The new version can supposedly index your whole file system, but I didn't bother because I suspect it would take forever. I don't need all the extra search capabilities of the new version, so I might go back to the old version 3.7 for faster indexing. The new version is very intuitive and easy to use. Both versions are much easier and effective than fumbling around with Outlook's clunky search tools that rarely spit out the expected results. I would recommend this product if you have Outlook, but if you already have the older version, I don't see much need to upgrade to 8.0 unless you are an IT guy and will use all the extra search capabilities.

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