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How to Remove Text Formatting from Emails You Send in Opera


Important text should be bold — but is everything important? Somehow, that formatting went overboard…

In Opera, you don't have to switch to plain text completely to remove text formatting, and you don't have to undo changes individually either. It's easy both to delete all styles from select text in one sweep and to remove just some boldness here and there.

Remove Text Formatting from Emails You Send in Opera

To remove formatting you have added to an email you are composing in Opera:

  • Highlight the area whose formatting you want to remove.
  • To remove all formatting:
    • Click the Remove Formatting button in the formatting toolbar.
  • To remove specific formatting:
    • Click the button of the aspect of formatting you want to remove.
    • Click the Bold button, for example, to make text plain, or the Superscript button to bring text down to the regular level.
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