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Opera 11.60 - Free Email Program


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Opera - Free Email Program

Opera - Free Email Program

Opera Software

The Bottom Line

The Opera email client is a slick and flexible interface that will satisfy almost all your email needs, and Opera integrates RSS feeds in this experience as well.
Its smart labels are particularly sharp and learn by example. It's a pity Opera doesn't offer something similar for oft-used replies.


  • Opera is a slick, small, fast and secure email client and RSS feed reader
  • Mail shows up in all relevant places automatically and can be searched with speed in Opera
  • Opera comes with a precise spam filter and smart labels that presort mail and learn by example


  • Opera does not offer flexible message templates or advanced automation
  • Secure message signing and encryption are not supported by Opera
  • Opera can be idiosyncratic to the uninitiated and hides some capabilities


  • Opera provides access to multiple POP and IMAP accounts as well as RSS news feeds.
  • Messages show up in all relevant places (folders, contacts, labels,…) automatically.
  • Opera offers free-form labels that can learn from the mail you classify with them to further organize mail.
  • In addition, you can pin messages for heightened attention, which will mark them as "flagged" for IMAP accounts and sync nicely with other email programs.
  • The integrated spam filter of Opera also learns from your classifications, of course, and spots junk mail precisely.
  • Opera includes an address book, shows sender icons, and lets you concentrate on one person easily.
  • For security, Opera supports TLS/SSL connections and can be configured to prefer plain text; for privacy protection, you can set up Opera not to download remote images automatically.
  • A "quick reply" feature lets you compose and send a reply without opening a separate compose window.
  • In standard replies and messages, Opera lets you use rich HTML text formatting.
  • A low bandwidth mode downloads only the most necessary information fast (only the first 100 lines for POP and messages only upon request for IMAP accounts).
  • Opera supports Windows XP/Vista/7, Mac OS X 10.4+, Linux, FreeBSD and Solaris.

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