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Top 31 Favorite New Year's E-Cards and E-Card Sites


How do you like to welcome the new year? Do you prefer loud and spectacular or silent and tranquil? Or is your idea of celebrating New Year's Eve to go for your affairs like usual and just let it slip by? Either way, you can welcome others to your new year and your New Year's party with an e-card—loud or tranquil.

Here are some of my favorite sites to compose and send New Year's greetings. Remember you can also send, for free, some New Year's cards from this site, complete with short poems or holiday quotations:

(Updated January 2012)

1. AmericanGreetings.com Holidays - New Year's E-Cards

For its paid members, AmericanGreetings.com has cards for New Year's resolutions, for a new year of love and togetherness, funny animated greeting cards, and a lot more.

2. Jacquie Lawson - New Year's E-Cards

It's raining — fireworks and champagne for the cats and dogs in one of Jacquie Lawson's festive New Year's e-cards. In another, a bird works hard for a bubble bath well deserved.

3. Ojolie - New Year's E-Cards

Celebrate the arrival of a new year with spectacular Aurora Borealis — and a firework, of course.

4. Vintage Postcards - New Year's E-Cards

A new year begins just about every January 1, and the vintage New Year's cards found at CardCow.com are just as gorgeous and up-to-date today as they were years ago.

5. FabulousFoods.com - New Year's E-Cards

A fabulous new year is about to begin with lovely greeting cards from yesteryear.

6. Leanin' Tree - New Year's E-Cards

Artful composition and anticipation oozing out of every pixel, the Leanin' Tree New Year's e-cards are a joy to send and, I'm sure, receive.

7. FunUtilities.com - New Year's E-Cards

Many an interesting image, which you can rate and browse by rating, can be sent as a refreshingly crisp New Year's e-card from FunUtilities.com.

8. VerveCards - New Year's E-Cards

Heads turn, fish wish and colors churn aplenty at VerveCards when it's time to reboot for a new year. The self-contained much-spectacular email greetings don't need animations to excel.

9. Hallmark - New Year's E-Cards

Another year begins, and it can begin in great spirits with one of the classy electronic New Year's cards you can send from Hallmark.

10. Katie's Cards - New Year's E-Cards

It's a firework of New Year's greetings if not in quantity then in quality at Katie's Cards.
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