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How to Make a Screenshot Under Windows and Mail It


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"Tell Me Exactly What You See"

Whether you are proud of what you see on your display or whether it causes dismay, words are usually no way to communicate it to others.

Have you ever heard a tech support person say: "Please tell me exactly what you are seeing on the screen"? Were they ever satisfied?

Mail Them a Screenshot!

Now you have the proper repartee for such situations: "I'll send you a screenshot." Of course, the helpful tech support person might still be anxious and nervous, expecting a huge document coming their way that still is so blurred and distorted that the important part is indecipherable.

You don't have to worry about that. You know your screenshot will be small, beautiful, and perfect. Created and ready in a few steps, too.

Make a Screenshot Under Windows Vista and Mail It

To snap what you see on the screen and sent it attached to an email message:

  • Click Start.
  • Type "snipping" under Start Search.
  • Click Snipping Tool under Programs.
  • In Snipping Tool, click the down arrow next to New.
  • Select Window Snip from the menu.
    • To capture the full screen instead of a window, select Full-screen Snip.
    • You can also capture selections by selecting Free-form Snip or Rectangular Snip.
  • Position the mouse cursor over the window to capture.
    • A red outline shows you what will be saved.
  • Click.
  • Now click the Save Snip button in the snipping tool's toolbar.
  • Make sure GIF file is selected under Save as type:.
  • Type a meaningful name under File name: or accept the default "Capture".
  • Click Save.
  • Open your email program.
  • Attach the newly created screenshot from the Pictures folder to a new message or reply.

Make a Screenshot Under Windows XP and Mail It

To capture what you see on screen and send it via email:

  • Press the Print Screen key.
  • Select All Programs | Accessories | Paint from the Start menu.
  • Select Edit | Paste from the menu in Paint.
  • Click the Select tool (even if it is already highlighted).
  • Use the cursor the select the interesting part of the image.
  • Select Edit | Cut from the menu.
  • Now select File | New from the menu.
  • Click No.
  • Select Edit | Paste again.
  • Now choose File | Save from the menu.
  • Go to your Desktop.
  • Type a meaningful name under File name:.
    • Something like "Outlook Express error" should do.
  • Make sure JPEG is selected under Save as type:.
  • Click Save.
  • Close Paint.
  • Open your email program.
  • Attach the newly created picture from the Desktop to a new message or reply.
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