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How to Prevent Annoying Thank-You Notices


Naturally, when somebody has served us well, we want to thank them. In verbal communication, saying "Thank You" is nice, and it is as quick and polite as the "You're welcome" that follows.

Can It Be Wrong to Say "Thank You"?

With email, both phrases can be more annoying than nice — if they appear too frequently.

It takes time to compose and read them, and with a message just stating "Thank You!" it is not always clear what the thanks are for.

Prevent Annoying Thank-You Notices

To prevent these and other oddities coming back to you:

  • Put "No Reply Needed" ("NRN") at the end of your last message.

Do respect "NRN" when you see it in a message to you; do not let it deter you from sending "Thank You!" at all, though, and especially not from leaving or sending the occasional handwritten "thank you" note.

(Updated September 2013)

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