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How to Use Current Antivirus Software, Keep it Up to Date and Scan for Free


Email worms and viruses are spreading via messages that are sent without your knowledge, and spammers use open relays established by viruses to send their junk mail through innocent computers turned spam zombies — yours, if you're not paying attention.

It is, thus, a command not only of security but also of online etiquette to use current antivirus software, to update it frequently, and to keep up to date with security fixes of your email software.

Use Current Antivirus Software and Keep it Up to Date

Not sure which anti-virus software to choose? Antivirus Software Guide Mary Landesman can help you get the best protection:

Scan Files, Folders, Emails and Entire Computers for Free

In the meantime, additionally and always try these free online virus scanners:

(Updated January 2012)

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