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How to Start Your Reply on Top in Mozilla Thunderbird


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It's your reply after all, not mere footnotes you add. Mozilla Thunderbird still insists on placing the cursor below quoted text when you start a reply.

Fortunately, Mozilla Thunderbird is not stubborn about this. Instead of moving the cursor up every time, change Mozilla Thunderbird's mind just once—for all future replies to start right at the top, above all quoted text by default.

Start Your Reply on Top in Mozilla Thunderbird

To make Mozilla Thunderbird position the cursor on top, above quoted text when you reply:

  • Select Tools | Account Settings… (Windows, Mac) or Edit | Account Settings… (Linux) from the menu in Mozilla Thunderbird.
    • Hold down the Alt key if you cannot see the menu bar.
    • You can also select Options | Accounts Settings… (Windows) or Preferences | Account Settings… (Linux, Mac) from the menu button's menu.
  • Go to the Composition & Addressing category for the desired email account.
  • Make sure Automatically quote the original message when replying is checked under Composition.
  • Now choose start my reply above the quote next to Then,.
    • For lazy top-post quoting, you may also want to choose below my reply (above the quote) following and place my signature.
  • Click OK.

(Updated December 2013)

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