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Mac Spam Fighting Tools

Viruses may have a preference for Windows, but using a Mac doesn't make you immune to spam -- unless you employ one of the smart anti-spam tools that can filter at least some of the unwanted mail before it reaches your Inbox.
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Top Mac Spam Filters
Macs deserve shiny handy welcome useful classy spam. You mean there's no such junk mail? Let's go for no spam at all then: find the best junk mail filters, both free and commercial, for Mac OS X here.

What Spam Filter Are You Using?
By the numbers, spam should be everywhere. If it's not 95% of your email inbox, chances are you have a spam filter to thank. Which spam filter, though, is it? Do you rely on your email service's; the filter built into your email program; a separate spam filter perhaps? Share your pick here and find out what spam filtering others are using, too.

Email Magician Mac Spam Filter
Turn a full and unorganized Inbox into a spam-free and efficient place that makes handling email fun again with Eudora and Email Magician.

Herbivore Mac Spam Filter
Herbivore uses a simple, collaborative concept to identify, and automatically remove, spam.

IMAP Spam Begone Mac Spam Filter
IMAP Spam Begone lets you apply great SpamAssassin spam filtering to any IMAP account. It works reliably and efficiently, but different actions depending on the spam score would be nice.

Personal Antispam X5 - Spam Filter
Personal Antispam X5 employs a number of tactics to rid Mac OS X Mail and Entourage of spam — a bit overeagerly unfortunately.

POPFile - Free Spam Filter
POPFile is a powerful and flexible email classification POP and NNTP proxy that you can use to filter spam efficiently and categorize good mail automatically.

POPMonitor Mac Spam Filter
Get rid of unwelcome messages before downloading them in your default email client with POPMonitor.

Spamato - Free Spam Filter
Spamato filters POP and IMAP accounts for spam with the potential for high precision and plug-ins that make it easy to use in Outlook and Mozilla Thunderbird.

SpamBayes employs sophisticated analysis using Bayesian statistics to rid your email Inbox of junk mail precisely and in an effortless manner.

Spamfire Mac Spam Filter
Spamfire combines sophisticated filters with ease of use to form a great anti-spam tool.

Spamnix Mac Spam Filter
Using SpamAssassin's clever filters, Spamnix removes most of the incoming spam from your Eudora Inbox automatically and easily.

SpamSieve Mac Spam Filter
SpamSieve adds superior, easy to use Bayesian spam filtering to Mac OS X email clients.

SpamSieve User Reviews
Find users' reviews of the SpamSieve spam filter here and share your experience, too.See submissions

SpamSweep - Mac Spam Filter
SpamSweep successfully combines high precision spam filtering with a simple and easy to use interface.

SpamX Mac Spam Filter
SpamX is a great tool for determining the source of spam and lets you send precise and correct complaints easily, too.

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