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How to Use Text Formatting and Images in Mac OS X Mail Signatures


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Different signatures for different accounts and even random signatures per account — all accomplished easily in Mac OS X Mail — are nice. But what about custom fonts, colors, formatting, and maybe images?

Fortunately, black Helvetica is not all the formatting Mac OS X Mail can muster.

Use Text Formatting and Images in Mac OS X Mail Signatures

To add colors, text formatting and images to a signature in Mac OS X Mail:

  • Select Mail | Preferences... from the menu.
  • Go to the Signatures tab.
  • Highlight the signature you want to edit.
  • Now highlight the text you want to format.
    • To assign a font, select Format | Show Fonts from the menu and select the desired font.
    • To assign a color, select Format | Show Colors from the menu and click the desired color.
    • To make text bold, italic or underlined, select Format | Style from the menu, followed by the desired font style.
    • To include an image with your signature, use Spotlight or Finder to locate the desired image, then drag and drop it to the desired location in the signature.
  • Go to the Composing tab.
  • Make sure Rich Text is selected under Message Format: for formatting to be applied to signatures. With Plain Text enabled, you will get a plain text version of your signature.

For more advanced formatting, compose the signature in a HTML editor and save it as a web page. Open the page in Safari, highlight all and copy. Finally paste into a new signature in Mail. This will not include images, which you can add using the above method.

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