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How to Change the Reply-To Header of an Email in Mac OS X Mail


Oh, that spam!

Or, more precisely: Oh, that spam filter!

You did not get an email — a newsletter perhaps — you know you should be receiving. Of course, you want to ask the sender first whether the message was delivered normally. You send them an email.

Now, if you use your normal email address for that inquiry, who know whether you will get the reply? The spam filter might catch it, too. You cannot use a different email address altogether, though, because then the sender might not recognize you.

What's the smart email user to do?

She sets the "Reply-To" header of the message to an alternate email address. The message will appear to come from her regular email address, but as soon as the recipient clicks Reply, the alternate address comes into play. By default, replies will go to that address instead of the regular address (as it appears in the "From" header).

In Mac OS X Mail, you can set the "Reply-To" header comfortably for each message you send.

Change the Reply-To Header of an Email in Mac OS X Mail

To change the Reply-To address of an email you are composing in Mac OS X Mail:

  • Select View | Reply-To Address Field from the menu (unless the Reply To: field is already visible).
  • Type the email address to which you want replies to go by default in the Reply To: field.
  • Continue editing your message.

Add That Header Every Time

If you want to add your Reply-To header to every message, Mac OS X Mail can do that for you silently.

(Updated July 2011)

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