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How to Display Messages in a Larger Font in Mac OS X Mail


If I have to read something complicated (interesting), I have to read it aloud, and I have to see it in large letters.

Fortunately, Mac OS X Mail has a nice way of displaying a message in a bigger font.

Display Messages in a Larger Font in Mac OS X Mail

To read an email in a larger font in Mac OS X Mail:

  • Open the message in the preview pane.
  • Hit Command-+.
    • Alternatively, you can select Format | Style | Bigger (Format | Font | Bigger in Mac OS X Mail 1.x) from the menu.

Return to a Smaller Font

To go back to a smaller font, hit Command--.

Make Everything Bigger in Mac OS X

To see everything — including images, interface fonts and toolbars — enlarged in Mac OS X Mail:

  • Press Command-Option-8 to turn on OS X zoom.
  • Press Command-Option-+ to zoom in.
    • If OS X does not zoom, press Command-Option-8 again to make sure the universal access feature is enabled.
    • To zoom out, press Command-Option--.
    • To return to the original display, press Command-Option-8.

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