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How to Save Multiple Emails to One File in Mac OS X Mail


Emails come in threads and conversations; months and years and folders full. What if you want some of them to go together, too, into a single text file?

Mac OS X Mail not only keeps and manages your emails, it lets you save them flexibly as well.

Save Multiple Emails to One File in Mac OS X Mail

To save more than one message from Mac OS X Mail to a consolidated text file that contains them all:

  • Open the folder containing the messages you want to save in Mac OS X Mail.
  • Highlight the emails you want to save to a single file.
    • Hold down Shift to select a contiguous region.
    • Hold down Command to select disparate emails.
    • You can combine these two methods, too.
  • Select File | Save As… from the menu.
  • If you want a file name different from the subject line of the first selected messages, type it under Save As:.
  • Pick a folder for saving under Where:.
  • Select either Rich Text Format (fully formatted email text) or Plain Text (plain text versions of the email messages) under Format:.
  • Click Save.

The text files will include the sender, subject and recipients as they also appear when you read the messages in Mac OS X Mail.

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