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ManilaMail 1.5 - Mail Checker

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ManilaMail - Mail Checker

ManilaMail - Mail Checker

Heinz Tschabitscher

The Bottom Line

ManilaMail counts the number of unread messages in your Mac OS X Mail Inbox, and offers easy access to that Inbox as well as to composing mail to boot.
It's a pity you cannot choose freely the folders ManilaMail checks for new mail.
ManilaMail is no longer available.


  • ManilaMail shows you the number of unread Mail messages in the OS X menu bar
  • You can open Mail, compose a message or check for new mail right from ManilaMail
  • ManilaMail can count only your Inbox's new mail or all folders'


  • ManilaMail does not show you any details about the messages waiting
  • You cannot choose the folders to be checked freely
  • ManilaMail polls Mail frequently instead of plugging into it to notify instantly


  • ManilaMail counts the number of unread Mac OS X Mail messages in the menu bar.
  • You can have ManilaMail poll all folders or just your Inboxes.
  • ManilaMail's menu lets you open your Inbox or compose a message quickly.
  • ManilaMail can check for Mail being closed and re-open it.
  • ManilaMail supports Mac OS X 10.4.

Guide Review - ManilaMail 1.5 - Mail Checker

With a clock, the weather, WLAN and what not up there in the menu bar, wouldn't a new mail counter look good there, too?

Give it a try with ManilaMail. ManilaMail works with Mac OS X's own Mail application and counts unread messages from either your Inboxes or all folders in the menu bar, right next to the clock.

In addition to reading the mail count, you can employ ManilaMail's menu to go to your Inbox or compose a message quickly. Unfortunately, you can't find out anything about the waiting emails or deal with them individually.

It would also be nice for ManilaMail to let us choose the folders we want watched more freely and maybe group unread mail by folder, too. Still, ManilaMail is a friendly, simple and capable new Mail message counter for the menu bar.

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