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K9 Tips, Tricks and Secrets

Finally an anti-spam tool that has a short, sweet name and filters spam almost perfectly, too. Now find out how you can get the most out of K9 and its Bayesian filtering with these tips, tricks and howtos.

How to Add a Sender or Domain to the K9 Whitelist
Usually, K9 knows the junk pretty well, and it knows the good mail, too. Nothing is completely error-proof, though, and especially when you've just started using K9 it may think a legit message is spam. Here's how to avoid that for senders you know.

Configure how K9 Marks Spam
Make K9 mark the spam it detects in the Subject line, or unobtrusively using a custom header.

Edit the Spam Threshold of K9
If you want to make K9 less prone of filing as-yet undecided mail as spam, here's how to edit its threshold of spam probability.

How to Make K9 Announce Good Mail
K9 can do more than "just" sort out the junk precisely. Here's how to use K9 as an effective mail checker that only announces good mail.

How to Teach K9 What is Spam and What is Good Mail
Whenever K9 makes a mistake classifying a message (which will happen quite often initially, when K9 hasn't seen enough examples of spam yet), it's your chance to improve the spam filtering. Here's how.

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